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House Republicans to Boehner: Cowboy Up

David247 Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:07 PM
If Boehner and his "Re-PUNK-licans" can't get on the same page and carry out their oaths that they had sworn to uphold, then to put it bluntly: you can kiss your *sses and America goodbye as we will have become the Third World Oligarchy that I have predicted that it will become under this new Hitler and his communist regime! This has gone on long enough, let's dispense of the justice this matter deserves and requires by our Constitution, for God's sake. It sickens me to see what has become of this dying Republic because the (opposition?) party is afraid to act! Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves from the lack of patriotic statesmen that are nowhere to be found in this dire time of need. Apox on all their houses!

House Republicans are getting ready for the battle to November and are finding ways to get House Leadership, in particular Speaker John Boehner, into fighting mode for the months ahead. Boehner is being pushed to take bolder steps toward advancing a conservative agenda and holding Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for deliberately failing to comply with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee regarding Operation Fast and Furious. Boehner has been balking at moving forward with contempt charges for Holder, leaving members of the Oversight Committee frustrated after more than a year of investigation into the lethal scandal. More...