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I'm with you on that one brother, it's like watching the devil. Every word out of that sewer mouth is a lie; hopefully the young indoctrinated naifs will have an epiphany. How anybody with an ounce of cmmon sense can't see through this reprobate is beyond me.
You left out the most obvious and dangerous one, and that is communist! Communists are anti-Christian and pro-death; as in, abortion, the Muslim-Marxist is even in favor of partial-birth abortion which is infanticide and the soon to be euthanasia in the "Death Care " bill that will start out voluntary but progress to mandated as to keep health costs down for the State - your god!
Am I missing something or did we, I mean "Obaa-baa-minite" sheeple, not elect a president and first lady? It's obvious to me that these two phony, American hating scumbags think that the sheeple elected a king and queen! The new Hitler's "whatever" need's to go till her garden and stay at home in the "Outhouse" - that's what they have made of it - and shut the hell up! Idon't want or need to hear her communist rhetoric. Hey gargantuan one, look after your own diet and stay the hell out of mine and my kids!
Iam utterly amazed at the cowardliness of such scholarly pundits that haven't the heart or perhaps wisdom - that trumps all of your panelists PHD's - to write the truth. You skirt-wearing pundits continually deceive yourselves and the nation by failing to acknowledge the reality that the usurper in the "Outhouse" - that is what he and his "whatever" have made of it - is a Muslim-Marxist hellbent on helping his Muslim Brotherhood's jihad against the USA. The commentary below helps dispell the false claim by most of your PC intimidated columnists that it is the Muslim-Marxist's - this obvious fact, at least to me and MRog1969, and most others out here in the heartland - naivete that is responsible for his action - what poppycock!
Let me be perfectly clear: this Muslim-Marxist and his communist regime is a culture of death; abortion and future euthanasia! These NWO puppets are carrying out their marching orders. It has come down to a battle of good against evil; unfortunately, the evil is prevailing, partly because a good number of the country has turned away from God and they are paying for it for putting these communists in power!
When, if ever, is the Right going to put the state-run media on notice by referring to tham for what they are? Their allegiance is to propagandize for the new Hitler! The tragedy is they are not identified for what they truly are. Every day the dying Republic slinks towards a totalitarian government because the media allows it and perpetuates it!
Wonderful article by Doug, as usual. America had better take notice. Since this Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler has been in the "Outhouse", the country has become so divisive as he and his commie minions have been working for; afterall that is their plan - to divide and conquer. I am amazed at how the communists detest bullying - depending on who is being bullied. These cowardly punks are reeking havoc on our country and culture and sadly, nothing is being done about it. These limp-wristed, pseudo-intellectuals wouldn't and couldn't fight their way out of a paperbag if their lives depended on it and yet, they are being allowed to destroy this dying Republic! It's way past time for the right to take the fight to them!
It's way past time to dispence of the silly nonsense that the media is liberal or mainstream. The media is now, and has been for some time, STATE-RUN and an arm of this fascist regime. It is imperative that they be referred to as such. They need to defend themselves for the propagandists that they are. It is part of the Communist Manifesto to lie as long as it promotes the cause and this is what the Muslim-Marxist, his minions and the state-run media perpetuate to the hilt! You have a new Hitler on your hands and you'd better start realizing this and conveying it to the drugged up and dumb-downed sheeple of this DEAD REPUPLIC! 1776...1776...1776...
It's unfortunate that Medved and his cohorts continuously deny reality. They are afraid to use communist rather than liberal to define whom these despots really are. They are redistributing the wealth while DESTROYING the middleclass, that is their goal, as it is with all communists. Get with the program, already, for God's sake, find a pair!
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House Republicans to Boehner: Cowboy Up

David247 Wrote: May 15, 2012 8:07 PM
If Boehner and his "Re-PUNK-licans" can't get on the same page and carry out their oaths that they had sworn to uphold, then to put it bluntly: you can kiss your *sses and America goodbye as we will have become the Third World Oligarchy that I have predicted that it will become under this new Hitler and his communist regime! This has gone on long enough, let's dispense of the justice this matter deserves and requires by our Constitution, for God's sake. It sickens me to see what has become of this dying Republic because the (opposition?) party is afraid to act! Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves from the lack of patriotic statesmen that are nowhere to be found in this dire time of need. Apox on all their houses!
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