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Assassinating Public Officials: Mexican Cartels Getting Strong and Violent Foothold in the United States

David238 Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 3:59 PM
Mexican drug cartels start killing and kidnapping U.S. officials and citizens. Of course, this mean the U.S. Justice Dept. will need to investigate White Supremists and their Tea Party brethren. Luckily, Big Sis has just made a large ammo purchase.

The Associated Press is out with an extensive piece today showing just how far Mexican drug cartels have infiltrated American society. The cartel problem is no longer a border problem, it's a problem for the entire country. Violent cartel members are carrying out crimes in our backyards with the potential to develop into something much worse.

Mexican drug cartels whose operatives once rarely ventured beyond the U.S. border are dispatching some of their most trusted agents to live and work deep inside the United States — an emboldened presence that experts believe is meant to tighten their...