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God Almighty -- What a Disaster!

David238 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 12:59 AM
"If the GOP had committed an error of this proportion, the MSM would be collectively collapsing on a metaphorical fainting couch before declaring the election effectively over." ! ! ! T H I S ! ! !
Here is the video of a substantial number of Democrats booing the reinsertion of "God" into the Democratic platform, along with the reinstatement of language calling for Jerusalem to be the capitol of Israel.

Antonio Villaraigosa simply declared by fiat -- and political necessity -- that 2/3 of the delegates supported the changes (invoking "Chicago rules," as it were).  Listen for yourself . . . the video (and the delegates shouting "no!" and booing the decision) speaks for itself.  There is no way that 2/3 of the delegates supported these amendments.

What a public...