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Cure is an awesome organization providing healthcare and surgeries for people who would never receive it. They specialize in hydrocephalus and club feet, two conditions that are very curable. Hydrocephalus will cause brain damage and death and club feet will lead to a person spending his life begging. They do excellent work and the Doctors know the danger they face in those places. Pray for the leaders of Cure to have supernatural wisdom in this situation.
This is very simple. Owe-Bummer is pandering to the environmentalist special interests. He doesn't care about jobs or affordable energy. He needs campaign contributions flowing to his Democrat buddies.
They tolerate harassment from the left but would expose it in a heartbeat if it came from the right. How do we put the propagandists out of business?
The press serves as a referee for politics and the government. When a ref chooses sides in a game, it is a scandal. I remember last year when a replacement ref worked a game for his team, it was considered an outrage. Why do we tolerate it with something far more important than a football game?
It looks like there is more than a smidgen of corruption going on the left. First, Cummings needs to recuse himself from Issa's committee on this investigation. Second, a special prosecutor needs to be named to do a real investigation, one that is free from DOJ interference. Look for the LSM to have wall to wall coverage about the Malaysian flight pings so they don't have to cover this.
These self righteous feminists are anything but inclusive and tolerant. They, like other libs, project their hatred and intolerance on those they disagree with. They are ideological bigots and hate it when they are exposed. This video simply exposes them for who they really are! They like to use the word misogyny which means woman hater. Yet they practice misandry, hatred of men and boys. Yes, their hypocrisy is evident for all to see.
Dirty Harry is not fit to serve. He is either senile and lacks the intellectual capacity for his role as Senate Majority leader or he is a pathological liar and lacks the moral capacity to be entrusted with such a powerful position.
The FFRF and their ilk are not atheists, they are God haters. Their lack of religious tolerance betrays their hatred of God.
Thank you for this article. As the father of 4 boys I am constantly fighting the battle to wussify my boys. Another source of wussification is overbearing mommies. I have seen countless moms unknowingly emasculate their boys by keeping them from playing contact sports; by never forcing their boys to take responsibility for their lives; by undermining a fathers God given role in their lives; etc. I have watched moms berate football coaches for the lack of playing time their wussy sons get and demand that all kids get a fair amount of time. These same boys whine and can barely do a push up because all they do is watch TV and play video games. The progressive commie libs have replaced merit and responsibility with fairness and equality of outcome. Regardless of effort, they want everyone to get a trophy and be told they are excellent.
No amount of government spending or programming can fix the damage done by the break down of the family. The left has waged a war on men, marriage and the family for the past 50 years. We have seen the devastating effects on African-Americans and are beginning to see it on other races too. Easy divorce, welfare and feminist ideology have all contributed to this.
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My Message to Girls: Be Bossy!

David211 Wrote: Mar 14, 2014 9:26 AM
Another Bossy woman trying to boss others around and tell them what they can and can't say and think. Feminism is one of the most destructive forces in our nation. No one likes bossy women and being managed by one would be the bane of my existence.
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