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A Vote For Obama is a Vote For Corruption

David 2104 Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 11:00 PM
Liberals are just "mouthfighters" and cowards. They pose no physical threat. They will hide in their basements waiting for Barry and his pals to come and save them. I will let them look over my fence while I cook up some steaks and corn on the grill while they wait for FEMA to feed them.

John Kass wrote a great piece in the Chicago Tribune today about a retiring FBI agent.

Chicago is a totally corrupt place when it comes to politics. No politician from either party is above corruption. Taxpayers pay for it because when a private business supplies the city with a good or service there are so many kickbacks that they have to charge a significantly higher price to cover the “costs”. But, Chicago is a great city to live in. This quote from the article sums it up best.