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There need to be mechanisms to get rid of poor teachers quickly. With that, the tenure reform does not make students compliant, attentive, and hard working. Illinois has a four year probationary period (which politicized hiring; duh!) and meaningless tenure. So, is Illinois the best in the nation. Hardly. I know of no other profession that operates in such a manner. In all this, where is the mention of accountability of students? Expedient to go after teachers instead of parents.
The next law in Illinois needs to be able to get rid of bad students. Bad students prevent others from learning. Everyone can learn, something, but not everyone wants to learn. Everyone talks about teachers but just as important -- probably more so -- are the students. Right now, unless an offense is violent or weapons related, Crook County politicians passed a law that all expelled students must still be allowed to go to school some where at the district's expense. I suggest everyone read Robert Weisberg's Bad Students, Not Bad Schools. Hold teachers accountable! Then do the same to the students! (In Illinois, if a school does not pass or graduate enough students, regardless of achievement, they are rated as unacceptable.)
I think homeschooling and private schools are great but don't confuse correlation with causation. Homeschooling, when done right, like private schools, is fantastuc (how can it be wrong? Some parents claim homeschooling to keep their kids home and off the truancy roll). But, and this is a big but, how would these kids with highly motivated parents have done anyway? If all ghetto parents homeschooled or got vouchers to send kids to private schools, many parents would send their kids back to public school!
I bet if you taught it in the inner city of Nashville or Chicago, you'd need fired! Kids in many of those schools don't come to work or listen to someone they feel already has half a brain. In Illinois, if you'd kick out a misbehaving student, that would be proof that you, not the student, is poor. Of course, in Illinois, an expelled student, unless for a violent offense, must be offered to go to another school. Students matter!
Whoa horsey! Where did I say something is wrong with holding teachers accountable? You don't think there is pettiness and politics in education? What world are you from? My main point is that this change will have NO benefit. Been tried, waste of time. States do need to make it easy to get rid of poor teachers. Standards and expectations need raised. Of course, as WeisBerg stated, bad students will do bad. There are no easy fixes. Sorry!
Hint: easy fixes have been the hallmark of Dept of Ed or thirty years. Sadly, states with his model don't do better. Still, it's a start.
You know, people like you that have jut read an article and never evaluated make it sound so easy. For example, you model just doesn't work in Tennessee. Period. Total failure. Low achieving ( and maybe even dumb) don't do well. Even if a teacher makes them behave. Now, in Kentucky, where he standards are low, poof, everyone does great. Read what each state has to say. Tennessee recommends firing every teacher in some buildings. Grin. Look at the students, their parents, their intelligence, and behavior, and is it any wonder that many students do nothing the teachers ask. Are there bad teachers? Yes. Many need fired easily. If it was as simple as you say, then there would be no debate. Often people look for simple rhetoric for easy fixes.
I'm all for teacher tenure change, but there are some unintended consequences. First, erasing civil service laws so politicians can politicize hiring is the exact opposite of the intended goal. Of course, that happens now but just wait. Whistleblower? Fire them through a negative eval. Privat industry can do this, but do we want teachers to change depending on who gets elected or who speaks up? Secondly, using tudent achievement is a canard. Either a state is like Kentucky were everyone succeeds or like Tennessee where most need fired (hint: students that don't want to learn or act civilized do poorly; hmm, why not punish them). Still, something does need done, but nothing here is simple.
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