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Here is what I am afraid: of my actual medical expense runs $320 a month, not bad only $320 a month for insulin. Every three months y office visit is $120 tag on an additional $90 a month for test. that is a decent sum $530 at the worst. Under the so called Affordable Care act I MUST pay $1200 a month plus my $30 co-pay. I am not all that intelligent, but this sounds like a rip off. My life would be less complicated without Obamacare.
Al Qaeda are more of a threat because Barack Obama is a member of the al Qaeda
No your teacher will not shoot you, but how about the bad guy? What about gangs?
We tried to tell the Unions and they didn't listen, now they don't want what they asked for?
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College Shuts Down Student Bible Study

David1890 Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 7:23 PM
I am going to say something a liberal hates to hear. A person should be "free to chose" if they are to participate in a Christian lifestyle or not. No person should have the say over that.
Attention criminals, fresh meat NYC.
We should just hold another election, all around. This time with voter ID
Sorry Barry race card revoked. NEXT!!
I say order them Chic-Fil-A and have it delivered.
Where are the jobs at then? I'm sure been looking hard and all I found was heartache and piling bills.
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