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The Right Response on Birth Control

David1827 Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 4:21 PM
1. There is a difference between birth control (which includes drugs that expel the newly formed human being, a human pesticide) and contraception, which prevents the joining of the sperm and egg. The pill acts as an abortufacient often, it is not then a contraceptive 100% of the time. Also there is no such thing as a fertilized egg - at conception the sperm and egg lose their identity and a new being is created. If the sperm and egg come from humans, a new and unique human being is created.
Remember that being accused of sexual harassment is an enhancement to the resume of democrats.
No question excommunication is in order - where are the bishops?
Let's see - didn't one middle European fascist say something similar?
I'm sorry - is that what BO calls golf?
It's Bush's fault.
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How to Repeal ObamaCare in January

David1827 Wrote: Oct 23, 2012 2:09 PM
Easy - just issue a presidential blanket waiver for all. BO has dome this for his buddies so Romney could do it for all - and it falls by the wayside.
'Georgetown is the Catholic university ...'. No longer Catholic. The invitation to the pro-death member of the BO administration only adds to their shame. Enough.
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