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The weakness of the abortionists is the "doctors" that preform the abortions. They are the bottom of the barrel. These are people you would never want to see for a medical problem. They are failures in their chosen fields, often drug/alcohol dependent to help them through their work day of killing "things". So of the 20 plus clinics in Texas only 7 have doctors that still qualify for hospital privileges. The rest are in so much trouble with their profession that they are only qualified to kill babies during the day and get drunk at night. I know, some will say close them all down. I say a good first step Texas. Now lets look at those doctors that can still practice abortions because they are not drug abusers or drunks. Are they getting proper counseling for being nascent sociopaths?
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5 Hypocritical Pro-abortion Celebrities

David1763 Wrote: Oct 03, 2014 4:13 PM
You kill yours, I will keep mine. I win - you lose!
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Why Beheading?

David1763 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 9:10 AM
It is also an "In your face" tactic to say they are not afraid of us. Great for recruiting young fighters. Beheading is also a punishment of shame reserved by Islam for their worst offenders.
Three words Holder cannot say: "We screwed up". Come to think of it neither can Hillary, Obama, and a host of other not so humble politicians. It is all CYA for them.
It might be the end of Stupid if the Dems lose...
Like Edgar Hoover of the '50s, the NSA must have the goods on Boehner to force him to cave to every demand Obama makes.
Our local doctors, as incompetent as they usually are in figuring out what our kids have, are not going to recognize the diseases of other countries. It is the making of a disaster far worse than any school shooting.
That is a very powerful pen he has. Just changed the law Congress passed again. What do we need a Congress for, or for that matter a Constitution for? We have Obama - President for Life. (What is the English word for Heil ?)
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Guns in the Home

David1763 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 3:33 PM
My youngest son had a bad temper and was getting into fights. We disassembled our guns as well as locking them away in separate areas. I am glad to say that nothing happened and he is now a good responsible adult. (Our guns are now in working order again.)
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An Opportunity For Congressman Issa

David1763 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 8:19 AM
Keeping the silence payed off in the Mafia and in the Clinton Administration. Two of the Clinton's friends went to prison rather than testify. Did a few years time as I recall. Never mind the Felony, they never hurt for money ever after. I am sure these flunkies can be bought.
Some unmentioned items: Cantor swore he could beat the conservatives, attended a conference in Florida that included democrats and George Soros on the "conservative problem", and used democrats to seize control of a few Republican units and then used slating to deny conservatives seats at the republican convention to select a senate candidate (Ed Gillespie won). He was no friend of the mainstream republicans either for his heavy handed tactics. What counts is grass roots organization. And here in Virginia, it is growing every year. Other states are starting to come on line, but may not be there yet. So long as Government gets bigger and more incompetent, we are not going away...
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