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Socialism has never been able to curtail the underground economy. In fact it increases under such ridge control as it has in recent years.
Keynesianism makes government insiders rich, so it will remain. Government service is a great way to get rich, and keep out of jail.
We need far stricter gun laws. In fact no liberal should be allowed to have a gun. That would have prevented countless mass murderers including Sandy Hook. Mass gun crimes mostly involve mentally criminal people, who themselves are liberal or are the underage children of liberals. Almost all crimes that are prevented or stopped by those carrying a gun, the responsible gun carrier is a conservative. Thinking this through, of course liberals oppose guns. They are the criminals.
I was surprised at the attack on limiting lawsuits. The legal system in the USA is also a hindrance to small business, in fact a very punitive hindrance. Take doctors who pay between 1/4 and 1/3 of their gross income for "lawyer" insurance plus all the paperwork which regulators pile on to help the lawyers and insurance companies. Tort reform may help large companies, but it will certainly help small companies as well so it is a "market" reform, not a business reform.
Well they did miss 10 to 20 million. Seems that only certain kinds are sent back, and that others can remain. The rule of law is that pretzel over there... If you truly want to raise the minimum wage, then seal the boarders and send the illegals back. Wages will go up, political donations from large corporations will go down, and states costs for benefits to illegals will disappear.
Perhaps the family caved and pledged to vote for liberals forever, even though the liberals were hunting them in Deutschland (Germany).
We have incentives to not marry which produces problem children in schools and criminals on the streets. We have incentives to not hire people which pushes jobs to other countries. We have incentives to build factories in other countries. We have incentives to not bring the money made in other countries home. We have incentives to declare profits to have occurred in other countries (inflating the manufacturing cost of the iPhone so that profits remain outside of America). We have lots of incentives that do work. But they work against the American people. So why do our politicians hate us?
Everything I have seen in the past is top down. Maybe I as a precinct chairman am allowed to see the data after the primaries have been decided. I am not going that way. As a programmer, I am developing my own bottom up design: data belongs to the precinct people, not the NRC. If I choose to support a local candidate, I have the power and the data to do so. No waiting on the Leaders to release it. No state RINO need fear me. In our area we primaried them out them last year. This year the last Federal RINO read the handwriting and decided to retire. The Grass Roots own this party and we will starve out the NRC with no donations to people who are really just another flavor of democrats in republican clothes (DIRCs).
Yes, Slavery is a good thing. Need to bring back the Whipping post for those lazy good for nothing doctors. (Just hope I don't get sick and need something from one of them). Actually why don't we open up the doctoring profession. Lets let nurses operate, and veterinarians do it on dogs, who are clearly more important than humans. You can't drown new born pups, but you can kill newborn babies that aren't wanted. There are lots of possibilities under the "new" morality of liberalism.
Actually he can just use an executive order and name himself President for Life. Adolf did something like that and he was only publicly elected once. When the law means what ever the President wants the law to mean, and he can choose to not enforce any law he disagrees with, what is to stop him? I think King James II started this back in the 1680's when he decided he was more glorious than the Parliament and could just ignore them. History goes in circles.
Not to worry. They can gather all kinds of atta-boys, but as the rule goes one ah-s-hit wipes out all atta-boys.
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