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People with "sticky fingers" naturally migrate to government or crime. Did I just repeat myself? There is always so much money that comes back to benefit those in government.The argument is over who decides how to allocate the money. It is not a question of who's friends should benefit, or who has the correct political attitude. It is a question of efficiency and doing the most good. In the short term, spending programs can make a big splash. But in the long term, most programs are very inefficient and do little good other than enrich a few with the power to direct the spending. The cure is simple: an informed citizen who acts in his own self interest. This is the power of economics. But with our prosperity as compared to the rest of the world, we have gotten silly. We repeatedly spend money on things that don't work, and waste it on frills and fads. And those who would defraud us are using government money to do it. Now the government is using it's powers to go after those who oppose them. We are but one step away from Tyranny.
Not realizing the consequences of their actions??? Half of the American Voters are in that category! It is an excuse to make mistakes and an excuse for us to think of ourselves as "good" people. What purpose does it serve to put truly evil people in prison for the rest of their lives? The only purpose is so that we can feel good about ourselves for not stooping to kill the perp by hanging. And to do that we waste a few million on keeping him alive that could have gone to those who really need it. The only two relevant question are"are we sure he did it" (and I think that has been answered as yes we are sure) and was it on purpose, and not an accident or self defense. My vote is for an old fashion hanging!
Islam has been at war with the non-Muslim world since its inception. Fortunately not every Muslim is a strict follower of their 1400 year old scriptures. But some in every generation will rediscover the anger and hatred against non-believers that is embedded in that book and it will start again. I am afraid that there will be a lot of death and suffering before this problem is resolved if it is ever resolved.
This is criminal government. The liberty to tell the truth has vanished.
This is a real problem. We don't have enough beds in our mental institutions for those who think that criminals won't buy guns because it is against the law. These people can be diagnosed with a phobia that has disconnected them with reality. Although not a direct threat to society as a whole, their intransigence does endanger society by preventing it to take necessary precautions. Might as well ban fire alarms because they are loud and hurt peoples ears...
No need to fully repeal and replace it. Just remove all mandates and it will die. Also strip funding from all the other garbage in the law, underfund the IRS, etc. Money makes things run. Kill the money and it will die.
PC has taught me to be suspicious of such studies as quoted here. Tobacco was once considered safe and did not cause cancer (paid by supporters of big tobacco). To say that vaccines are not causing autism related ailments when autism has drastically increased in recent years and is not a common problem among the Amish who do not practice vaccination begs for answers. As a scientist and engineer, I think vaccines have their place and can be beneficial. But administering them at the convenience of the doctors and parents is foolish. Doctors today routinely administer multiple vaccines at once overloading the infant's defense ability with 5 times the legal limit of mercury (used to kill the virus and as a preservative). The body can reject mercury, and will cleanse itself of about 80% of the mercury in a single shot within a month. So I urge parents to spread the shots out and not to save time and money having them administered all at once. It is your child, and raising a child, even with mild autism like my grandson has is a lot more trouble than staging shots.
The only reason the US dollar is strong than the rest is that the rest of the world (with a very few exceptions) is even more corrupt than even our current administration. Nothing to be proud about.
Political Power's dark side is the greed for more power. Every third world dictator wants to eliminate criticism and weaken the opposition. It is a sign that our government is getting too powerful that they could even consider roadblocks to free speech. Look at China and Iran as two examples of unpopular governments trying to maintain their power by limiting content on the internet. To avoid government censure I will be required to state that I love King Obama. Heil Obama!
Executive orders in theory can be retracted by the the current president. They are very temporary.
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