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With Obama's Approval, Reid Mulls Nuking the Filibuster in July

David1735 Wrote: May 20, 2013 3:31 PM
I can believe his approval is 50%+. He is not associated with anything his administration is doing. Heck, he doesn't even KNOW what his administration is doing. And he is perceived by the Low Information Voter as fighting AGAINST all of the evil stuff his regime is doing. Nothing sticks to him, thanks to a complicit press corps. Can you imagine what the drum beat would be if this was a Republican administration?

You may have seen Heather's piece on this story yesterday, but it merits a second spin.  The White House and the vast bureaucracy of the federal government are laboring through a fundamental crisis of credibility.  Scandals swirl.  The powerful Internal Revenue Service has been caught abusing its power to target and harass the ruling party's opposition.  The Department of Justice has launched an unprecedented affront against press freedom.  The Department of State manipulated intelligence about a terrorist attack to mask their negligence and stave off political...