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Who would EVER vote for this weasel?
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The Audacity of Greg Orman

David1735 Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 8:43 PM
Her "opposition" is all blow and no show. She knows the demoncr@ps won't support any of her "conservative" policies so she is free to lie to her constituents and vote for 0bama 99% of the time.
Uninformed voters - that is, the moron vote - vote on emotion rather than on analysis. I would prefer that they stay home.
So, he's 0 for 2 on ebola meetings. Shows how seriously he's taking his new responsibility.
No matter how "independent" or "conservative" they sound on the campaign trail, THEY ARE DEMOCRATS!!! They lie to get elected. Then they will be Harry Screed's toadies.
Dr. Walter Williams has debunked the "If it saves one life" baloney. If that were the case, he argues, the national speed limit should be 5 mph.
It's not insanity. It is intentional arrogance.
I agree. The attorney said the churches held organizing rallies and signing parties. So what? I didn't think church members gave up their constitutional rights when they joined the church. BTW, I wonder how this attorney responds to black churches that hold rallies for demoncr@ps.
Sean Hannity offered to bail any pastors out of jail. Good for him!
In name only. He knew he couldn't win the NYC mayor's race as a demoncr@p.
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