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Texas vs. California

David16953 Wrote: Feb 12, 2013 3:31 PM
"Cultured" "Civilized" what part of Kalifornia do you live in? I live in Kalifornia and I watch the degeneration of this state and plan to get out the instant I retire. Next time you are on I-5 swing over to between the I-5 and SR-99 north of Fresno and south of Stocton. Make a wrong turn and you will be in a "feral zone". Go see what I am taking about. Every institution in this state is failing. Crime is increasing every day. Dorner is an example of how ineffective our police have become. Kalifornia is the only state west of the Mississippi that is not shall issue or Constitutional carry and our crime rate shows it.

I’ve been pointing out the differences between California stagnation and Texas prosperity for quite some time.

And since California voters approved a new 13.3 percent top tax rate last November, I expect the gap to become even wider.

Simply stated, California is the France of America and Texas is the Cayman Islands of America.

So it’s understandable that the Governor of Texas is telling employers in California that his state has a better climate for job creation.

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