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The U.S. Employment Situation, Economy, QE and Stock Prices in Context

David16953 Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 9:24 PM
This article is pure tripe composed from "adjusted" government statistics. If this is true why do we still have 11% of the single family homes vacant? Why are there abandoned malls all over the country? Why when I get on or off the freeway do I see homeless encampmments in the vegitation? Why is $80 billion in quantative easing necessary every month? If there ever was a recovery that put the unemployment down to 7.7% it would destroy the existing economy. When Carter was president he printed about a proportional 25% of what Obama has that we know of. That printing spree by Carter came back to us as a 21% prime rate. If Obama's printing spree is proportional we will see an 84% prime if there is a recovery.

In February 2013, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that some 143,492,000 Americans were counted as having jobs, as the official unemployment rate for the U.S. dropped to 7.7%. The last time that many Americans were employed was November 2008.

Breaking the employment numbers down by age group, the number of employed Americans included 4,376,000 teens (Age 16-19), 13,527,000 young adults (Age 20-24) and 125,589,000 adults (Age 25+).

Change in Number of Employed by Age Group Since Total Employment Peak in November 2007, as of February 2013