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More Signs the Bailouts Worked?

David157 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:14 AM
Indeed. A total failure and waste of taxpayers money that we don't have. But the unions, the executives and the big banks are still fat and happy...and contributing in spades once again to Socialist Obama's election effort. And that's all that matters.
The never-ending campaign to promote government bailouts will not talk much about news from Bank of America (BAC).  You heard “we” made money on AIG which isn’t a fact since the government needed to sell its stake at $43 a share but used convoluted stuff to get the media to cheer yet another successful bailout.  Just how should these bailouts be measured? 
When businesses fail they should go the way of dinosaurs and if salvageable they should go the bankruptcy route.  There is no way the government should step in to decide the difference and tilt...
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