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agreed. nice column. LIBs are stuck on stupid. Obamaville is wonderful.
This is a great column. Precise. Detailed. And devestating to the "lying liars", as Monica Crowley so beautifully puts it, on the left. The auto bailout/Obama takeover has been a tremendous failure, as GM is right back on the path to insolvency, having bilched us, the American taxpayer who is already trillions in debt, for $10s of billions just to sustain them for another few years. The Volt is a Dolt. The rightful creditors/shareholders/non-union employees and taxpayers all got the shaft in the GM/Obama bankruptcy.
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There Ought Not to Be a Law

David157 Wrote: Aug 15, 2012 12:43 PM
Nice piece. You speak for a lot of us. I'm a libertarian myself and a "conservative", for that matter. It's conservative to leave free people to live succeed and/or live happily or do with, to and for themselves as they wish, as long as it doesn't infringe on another's liberty. I'm with you, brother Stossel. Liberty means liberty. The FAR right and the big government right/GOP establishment fail to embrace liberty and limited government, although they are often the loudest voices proclaiming to be all about "liberty".
Nice piece. Yes, without a dount, Al Franken was "elected" due to voter fraud. We are living a real life Shakesperean tragedy. You can't make this stuff up. Ayn Rand did and never knew how freaking right on the money she was. Franken, the biggest joke of all time in the Senate, stole the election. He's a fraud and a criminal.
Rock, you got it. The drones are a sorry bunch of mindless, anti-American, anti-liberty fools who eagerly lap up and regurgitate all of the lies they're fed by their masters in the Alynskified Democrat party and their personal lap dogs, the Lamestream media. Suck it up. Spit it out. Repeat ad nauseum. A party of pure ignorance, indeed.
Yes, LIBs are incredibly stupid. They spend us into oblivion and literal bankruptcy with all of their "compassion" and "good intentions", then all they can think of to pretend that they're saving the country is to tax the wealthy, who are already carrying the bulk of the tax load, even more. And, of course, that further wrecks an already sick economy. You have to be a LIB to buy into this idiocy.
LIBs are dumb. They give themselves credit for all kinds of things that they had nothing to do with. How dare you give yourself credit for the FREEDOMS we have. The founding fathers were behind that, jerk. You've been trying to undo much of what they did. Our country didn't become great because some dip LIB sat in an office somewhere redistributing wealth. Get over yourselves. More Republicans in the 1960s voted FOR civil rights than did Democrats. You dummies act as if these were really Republicans in disguise, or ancient history. No, they were Democrats and that was in our lifetimes. The party has always been one of malcontents, closet racists, bigots and wealth redistributors. It's who you are.
nice column here. Malkin has banned me from posting on her sight because I took her to task for slamming Romney in favor of Santorum, a guy with 0 executive experience and a spotty conservative record himself. Nevertheless, I love Malkin. She digs up the factual dirt and puts it out there. Romney should hire her to be one of his advisors.
Yes, this is a Private vs Public battle that has engulfed our nation. The LIBs long ago gave up on the United States of America and have been "transforming" it into what the founders tried to escape.....statist tyranny. And they call themselves "progressive". Nothing could be further from the truth. They are regressives to their very core, pining for the pre-Constitution, pre-Declaration days of central command and control of government over the individual.
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Pathetic Dan Savage

David157 Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 9:27 PM
Dan Savage is trash. I've written to him personally to tell him so. Like most LIBs, he's an intolerant, hate-mongering, vile JERK.
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