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Like so many others, I don't even bother going to the movies anymore to support these disgusting, spoiled, filthy-rich LIBtard hacks and hypcrites.
Sorry to hear that Jim Carrey is just another LIBeral piece of trash and hypocrite a $$ h ole.
And A is B. Or, rather, the LIBs pretend that A is B and their low information voters lap it up eagerly and regurgitate those lies with abandon. The payrol taxes that have gone up on the middle class are only the tip of the iceberg and are just a harbinger of things to come. Taxes, fees and expenses are going up across the board...on everyone, including the poor and "middle class". Yet the national debt continues to climb. The D's have bamboozled so many people it's not even funny. Debt and Dependence as far as the eye can see.
Doug, I'm with you. F 'em. Let them wreck the country ALL BY THEMSELVES. Problem is, they would just lie and blame others anyway, as always, and their constituents are only too happy to lap it up. If we help at all, they blame us. If we don't help, they blame us. Lose, lose for Republicans and conservatives. Saul Alinsky's dream for America is upon us, folks. Like it yet?
Un-Effing-real. Can we see some polls with a +11 Republican sample? Good grief, how these polls get reported as useful or legit is beyond me. Typical LIBeral sludge...feed the masses lies so that wehn Romney wins, they can immediately begin calling him illegitimate and an election thief as they did with GWBush. What a bunch of lying liars lefties and the lamestream media are today.
Nice piece, Katie. This is it in a nutshell. Incompetence, dead Americans, a cover up/blame game. Pitiful.
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More Signs the Bailouts Worked?

David157 Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:14 AM
Indeed. A total failure and waste of taxpayers money that we don't have. But the unions, the executives and the big banks are still fat and happy...and contributing in spades once again to Socialist Obama's election effort. And that's all that matters.
did she finish up with a war dance?
Nice piece. "Forward! Over the cliff!" Such lemmings, these LIBs.
agreed. nice column. LIBs are stuck on stupid. Obamaville is wonderful.
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