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Which Should Come First: College or Work?

David1454 Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 12:58 PM
Pardon me for stating the obvious, but don't completely ignore the most obvious option: Military service. You can learn a trade or skill, make a reasonable amount of money (it is all discretionary income when your housing, food, medical, etc., are covered), and sock some money away for college, if that's where you really want to be. That's what I did 40 years ago, and I never regretted it (and there was a war going on). Now I'm an attorney (close to retirement).

Dear Carrie: My son just graduated from high school and was planning to start college in the fall. Now he says he wants to work for a year before enrolling, but in the current job market, I'm concerned he won't find anything worthwhile. What do you think -- good or bad idea? --A Reader

Dear Reader: Whether or not it's a good idea for your son to take a year's break before entering college depends on a lot of things: his maturity, his personal goals and of course, the job market.

There's no question that a college education can open up a...

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