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There Was Never a Case Against Clemens

David1454 Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 9:49 AM
Regardless of anything else, Roger's BODY calls him a liar. I have spent decades in fitness clubs lifting weights, doing other resistance exercises, and watching others do the same - some with reckless abandon. An adult male (over 25 years old) CANNOT fundamentally change the shape of his body or dramatically increase musculature simply through exercise, It can't be done. You can make your self leaner, thus creating more muscle definition, and can build your strength, but building much larger muscles is the fantasy sold by weightlifter mags. And it is just that - a fantasy. The ONLY way to make dramatic gains like those that are obvious with Mr. Clemens is through either or both of steroids and HGH.

I can safely say – now that it has come to fruition, of course –I was the very first person in the world to predict Roger Clemens would be acquitted.

I was there that day. I was the director of communications for the Republican staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. I was with Clemens and his lawyers in the staff lounge before the hearing. I thanked him for finally getting my beloved Houston Astros into the World Series. He politely thanked me. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, let out a big, “There ya go.”

I was there when...