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Detroit's Decline Didn't Have to Happen

David1454 Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 10:14 AM
One factor that is never mentioned is that these local politicians depend on the votes of the municipal employees and their families. In old "Eastern" cities like Detroit, this group can constitute as much as 25-30% of the actual voting population. Thus, if you keep the city employees happy you can virtually guarantee your being re-elected in perpetuity. This is why you see this long history of city union contracts (salaried people get wages and benefits that follow) with NO concession of any sort, despite dramatic changes in the private sector. The politicians have simply been buying these votes with taxpayer money. And nothing ever changes. That's why the Detroit B'ruptcy ruling of a couple days ago is so huge. It breaks the dike that has been built around city workers' pay and benefits (esp. health insurance and pensions).
MoreFreedom Wrote: Dec 06, 2013 5:01 PM
You write of the battle between parasites and hosts, the parasites (let's call them leeches) being those in government or getting their living via government checks, while the hosts are taxpayers. When too many leeches suck the blood of the host, and the host dies, so to do the leeches (just like in Detroit).

The difference between earning a living in government and in private enterprise, is that the leeches get their blood via government force, while the productive get their food by producing goods/services for customers who voluntarily buy them. Thus, we should always reduce government to its minimum size. And it should be limited to dealing with situations in which someone harms another.