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Black Progression and Retrogression

David1454 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 8:39 AM
Good article. Notice the incorrect headline on the video. Not 25% more likely - it's 25 TIMES as likely (74%vs 3%)
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Up-Lyft-ing Xmas Tale

David1454 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 8:29 AM
With all due respect, John, you are a fool. Your standard auto insurance does not cover the liability you might incur in a traffic accident, as you are using your personal car for a commercial venture (specifically excluded). And even if you are not factually negligent or responsible for the accident, in our litigious society you might very well be found negligent by a jury comprised of retirees, housewives and postal workers. As a person with significant assets, you were placing them all on the line to make a few bucks and make a point. Unwise, in the extreme.
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All Life Matters: Jahi McMath's Journey

David1454 Wrote: Dec 24, 2014 8:22 AM
"Life" can have different definitions, but this ain't it. This poor, deceased girl is sucking up a mountain of either taxpayers or insurance ratepayers' money - and could continue to do so for YEARS, in the vain hope that she will someday utter an incomprehensible syllable that her mother can imagine was a word of actual communication. If there is a God, he's begging these misguided people to let the girl die, and use her organs to save others who might need them to remain alive. This is sick.
The perplexing question is: Why would anyone vote for HRC for ANYTHING? The age old question, "Give me one good reason?" applies here, in spades. She accomplished nothing as a governor's wife, nothing as a president's wife, nothing as a senator, and nothing as SOS. Seriously, the fact that she polls positively with any group, political or otherwise it a total puzzlement.
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David1454 Wrote: Dec 10, 2014 8:37 AM
With all due respect, this article is ignorant and clueless. Young adults generally don't have money to save. They are paying off school loans, mortgages, car loans, and buying the possessions (furniture, appliances) that they need. When I was 30 my only "savings" was the increasing equity in my home. For most people, saving doesn't get serious until you get some bills paid off and you are entering the higher-earning years of your career. Besides, most millenials' retirement funding will come when their Boomer parents kick the bucket.
Having read the article, it does make a convincing case that UVA has a "cavalier" attitude about sexual assault, even if the main story is now discredited. Nevertheless, it is a real puzzle why ANY victim of a felonious assault would not go directly to the police under the circumstances described. She wanted the perps thrown out of school? How about several years of Hard Time?
There two things to keep in mind about HRC: (1) She is the inevitable Democrat nominee in 2016, (2) Throughout her public career, the one constant is that the more the public sees of her, the less they like her. When she is actually doing something (e.g., Hillarycare) the public hates her, then when she calls back into the shadows and does nothing (like she did in the Senate), the public starts to forget what a miserable crone she is and her favorability ratings gradually rise. She is the perfect candidate...for the Republicans. Limbaugh had it right. We should all work for her nomination.
There used to be an apt expression used in discussion on these topics: "the deserving poor." The expression referred to people who lived by the rules, and yet for reasons out of their control, their lives became full of hardship and disadvantage. Widows and orphans were most often mentioned in this context. And society has an implicit obligation to care for The Deserving Poor. The problem is that when Government gets into the "Charity Business," a whole segment of the population takes that as an invitation to game the system, with the result that we now have "generational poverty," where each generation teaches its young the lifestyle of irresponsible dependency, characterized here by our grotesquely mis-identified, "entitlements." "We" are responsible for the results of disastrous life-choices by people who voluntarily choose NOT to play by the rules. They jump our borders, drop out of school, have children out of wedlock, consume addictive and destructive drink and drugs. I can't wait to retire and stop paying for it.
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Is Law Optional?

David1454 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 10:41 AM
Yet another outstanding column by Dr. Sowell. Why can't we make this guy Emperor?
Disappointing article. The writer could have done a little research to enlighten the readers. Why even publish this vacuous column?
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