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Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor

David1454 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 8:12 AM
As a lifetime Pennsylvanian I think Tom Corbett is the best governor we have ever had. But he has been sabotaged by a small group of RINO's from the eastern part of the state in the legislature, preventing him from privatizing the liquor stores and improving the corrupt Turnike Commision. The biggest problem he is facing now is the torrent of lies being told in TV advertising by the Dem cadidates, especially Wolf. Hopefully, there will be enough in the kitty in October to balance these lies with information on what he has accomplished.
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We Are A Nation Of Narcissists

David1454 Wrote: Apr 17, 2014 8:05 AM
It's always bad to generalize. The jerks who are most prominent in the media (ALL media) are a small fraction of this generation, most of whom are leading reasonably sensible lives and trying to do their best in a world that is somewhat different than they were led to believe (Not EVERYONE gets a trophy in real life). When I was a young adult the perception was that ALL OF THESE KIDS are fixated on sex, drugs, R&R, and anti-War demonstrations. Then as now, it's the children of the privileged who have the time and resources to focus on the trivial and empty things available. Lighten up.
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The Mideast Peace Process Peters Out

David1454 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 8:52 AM
The West Bank settlements graphically disprove Israel's pretense of willingness to accept a two-state solution. Their actions make a viable Arab state impossible, and they continue to thumb their nose at everyone else by constantly adding to the number of "settlers." One is tempted to ask, "Do they really think we are that stupid?" but it is obvious that we (the U.S.) are. The Arab refusal to accept Israel as a "Jewish" state is significant, but pales in comparison to the settlements, which cannot be removed by any negotiation.
Re HRC, I've posted challenges on a number of bulletin board sites to name a single accomplishment of HRC, whether as first lady of Arkansas, FLOTUS, Senator, or Secretary of State. And despite a flurry of snarky responses in each case, not a single person could name an accomplishment. I just don't get why anyone would consider her a viable candidate for President. Empty pant suit.
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Energy's Role in the Path to Peace

David1454 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 9:10 AM
The obvious solution to Russia's stranglehold will never be considered. Europe is just as fertile an area for fracking as the U.S., but the "greens" are so powerful that those countries cannot even mention the subject without being shouted down and voted out of office. There is no reason for the U.S. to "jump through hoops" to solve their energy problems when they have the resources and the technology to do it themselves. If they are too timid to confront the greens, let them suffer.
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Envy or Inequality? – You Decide

David1454 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 9:03 AM
Our cultural forebears in England used to have the expression, "the deserving poor," which referred to people who, basically, had what we now call middle-class values and lifestyles. Unfotunately, in our society we are plagued by poor who are decidedly not "deserving" in the sense of that expression: they bear children out of wedlock, scorn hard work, plan and live their lives around various government handouts, abuse alcohol and drugs, and at the same time demand even more government programs to lift them into the virtual middle class. It is no wonder that taxpayers are resentful and lacking empathy toward "the Poor." Would that we could focus our efforts on the Deserving Poor.
The campaign against Christie is so lame that it's funny. There is no credible claim that he did ANYTHING wrong, either here or with the traffic tie-up, but the MSM just won't leave it alone. If the facts don't support the accusations, then they claim that he is ineffective because he is working under the cloud of accusations. Total B.S. COmpared to what Barry O and the Progressives do every day, Christe is a choirboy.
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War in The Capital of Capitalism

David1454 Wrote: Jan 03, 2014 9:24 AM
The arrogance and self-absorption of New Yorkers is astounding. They have convinced themselves that living in a filthy ghetto of 12 million people constantly shouting "LOOK AT ME!" makes them special and elite. It there is one place in the world where socialist principles OUGHT to be explored, it is New York. The Icons of Wall Street (bankers, lawyers, brokers, etc) produce nothing - they don't manufacture anything, perform any vital services, invent anything, or do anything to make life easier or better for anyone but themselves. Yet they are able to skim millions (often tens of millions) off the top, and manage to create little cocoons of ostentatious luxury for themselves so they don't have to interface with their wretched inferiors on the squalid streets of New York. Rather than looking at NYC with envy, the rest of the country eagerly awaits the inundation of Manhattan as the seas rise due to melting of the polar ice caps. But until that happy day, the inauguration of Mayor DeBlasio will be sufficient. May he succeed in his Marxist dreams for the Big Apple.
I still remember the parents' orientation session when my son started Kindergarten at our Rich Suburban, Lilly-white public school district (1988). The principal wanted to reassure the parents whose kids had not gone to private pre-schools (my son had had 3 years of it by then). He assured them that by December of that year, there would be absolutely no difference in academic performance between the pre-schooled kids and those who stayed home with (presumably) Mommy. And so it goes. "Head-Start" provides free babysitting, lots of jobs for otherwise-unemployable teachers and child care workers, and makes liberal politicians feel like they are doing something nice for "disadvantaged" yoot. What more could anyone ask?
In today's world, the idea that if the SS revenue is not enough to pay out the promised benefits, people will only get 3/4 of what they get now is ridiculous. The government routinely prints as much money as it needs or wants to pay people to vote for the incumbent politicians. We may get hurt by inflation (a bit), but them social security payments are an absolute lock.
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