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Osteen: Romney Is A Christian--My Main Message Is "God Is On Your Side" UPDATE

David145 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 12:49 AM
I'd like to see some peer-reviewed medical evidence that Judaism is a racial classification. All racial types on earth have clearly identifiable physical characteristics; I'd like to see you define Jewish "racial" characteristics without making yourself sound like Adolf Eichmann. The only people who have historically insisted that Jews are a separate race are anti-Semites. Judaism is a system of religious belief, just like Christianity is a system of religious belief, and Mr. Hengler is spot-on in his assessment of "Jews for Jesus."
get real4 Wrote: Apr 25, 2012 7:31 AM
I think you are correct. Jews are not normally identified as a "race". However, they are identified as an ethnic group which shares a common heritage, language, culture, and ancestry. In the case of Jews, the term also refers to a religion. I think the point many are making is that Jews are not identified solely on the basis of their religion. Jews can also be identified by their heritage, language and culture. Thus, just because you accept Jesus doesn't mean you no longer share all the other attributes of the Jewish ethnic group. Besides, Jesus was a Jew. That's why he is called the King of the Jews.

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I don't want to spend much of my time rebuking this heretic who preaches the American dream while sprinkling it with a little Jesus and New Age/self-help philosophy, so I will simply post a couple of his comments (because there is probably 7 to 10 things that are said which don't square with the Bible) from the video and show how they are antithetical to the Scriptures. Note: I'm going to...