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The Campus Crusade for Crust

David1334 Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 5:10 PM
Clearly, most of the posts on this thread miss Dr. Adams' point. The Political Correctness Police at UNC-W go bonkers over the thought of any organization expressing non-politically-correct thought, and are willing to exclude religious organizations to achieve their PC ends. Readers, you clearly aren't "Swift" enough (i.e., Jonathan Swift, English satirist) to understand the article.

Author’s Note: I firmly believe that most Americans are not Swift enough to appreciate social satire. I also believe that the best satire is based on real-life events. If you agree, would you prayerfully consider joining my support team? Being a wise acre is a full-time job.

Welcome back students! My name is Biff Latane and I am the campus director of Jesus Crew (or J. Cru for short) here at Denton State University (or DSU for short). Before I tell you more about J. Cru at DSU, I want to take a few minutes to apologize for an episode that...