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This chaos has been enabled by the destruction of government and the church by liberals who want to throw money at symptoms rather than solve problems. Until and unless liberal politicians and liberal churches stop enabling, nothing's going to change.
The reason 99% of these thug teenagers are fatherless isn't because their fathers are dead of causes not involving violent crime.
Sharpton and Jackson are as intelligent as Obama - they're all pawns of the Ayers-Dohrn-Davis-Alinsky conspiracy to make America the next Soviet Union. Sharpton and Jackson are cashing immense paychecks for their complicity.
"An employer cannot pay an employee more than the profit the employee brings into the business, or he will go bankrupt." This explains the City of Detroit, the State of California, and the Federal government.
I dare you to ask challenging questions regarding Mormonism to Tommy Monson's face and see whether that rule exists de facto.
"WHY did you go to journalism school?" Probably because you were too stupid to major in engineering, hard sciences, or business.
"Meddle in the business of the President's hometown"? Would that be Honolulu, Seattle, or Nairobi?
Time to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.
Yet another reason for national Right to Work and the outlawing of all public sector unions nationwide.
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Obama's HAMP Program a Stunning Success

David1334 Wrote: Jul 25, 2013 8:41 AM
The vast majority of these foreclosures happened because people who had neither the financial wherewithal (i.e., zero down payment) nor the capability to take on the responsibiliity of homeownership were handed the keys to brand new government-financed houses, built and funded through builders who committed criminal fraud. The resulting train wreck resulted in lost property value, subdivisions full of deeriorating vacant houses (and more than the occasional homeless squatter), and taxpayers once again holding the bag. Get rid of liberal politicians and let the free market work. The result will be employment at fair wages and, ultimately, a higher standard of living for all.
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