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Debtroit: Coming To a City Near You

David128 Wrote: Jul 21, 2013 8:47 AM
A big impediment to that is that the politicians need to keep making those promises to keep getting the uninformed voter to reelect them. The politician will most likely be long gone or in retirement by the time the bills come due anyway. How many of the current crop of politicians in Detroit were there making all the promises that lead to that disaster?
What is not mentioned is what it is eventually going to cost to 'repay' all the 'economic stimulus' that Obama and this administration have wasted money on. The end result of very loose fiscal policy is highly likely to be rapid, if not explosive, inflation in the near future IF the economy does start to actually grow. This could result in attempts to stem the inflation by the FED which will slow the economic growth again and lead to even more unemployment and, potentially, the return of the 'stagflation' or economic stagnation and inflation that we saw several decades ago. Something I am sure that the politicians who actually know anything about history, and this administration in particular, hope that most of the voters have forgotten about.
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Green Energy’s Too Expensive

David128 Wrote: Jul 14, 2013 8:30 AM
"Obama intends to “invest in the clean-energy companies”—despite the exorbitant financial cost of the projects and economic '(and environmental)' damages they will cause the public." The rampant cronyism and corruption that have been part and parcel of the Obama 'stimulus' programs has served mainly to stimulate the bank accounts of his backers and have done very little to help the economy of the nation.
"What he spent his time doing was making laws that subverted the rule of law established in the newly adopted Constitution (that had challenges itself), heading him toward being a dictator and not a president. What he did not do was calm the country so that people could start getting back to work." That has a very familiar ring to it based upon what has been happening right here in the USA over the past several years and looking forward to, at least, the next three. " No one ever thought of being a dictator." Until now. The apparent agenda of the Obama administration seems bent upon the destruction of some of our most cherished institutions and traditions, including the elimination of individual rights and the rule of law.
"The wiser among us will be honest about this, and take appropriate precautions." And the practical will watch for every opportunity to call out those in government who are lying to the public and make it known as widely as possible. The only way we are going to get any trust back in government and its bureaucracies is to start weeding out those who, intentionally or not, continue to mislead the citizenry even to the point of eliminating the entire department involved; the IRS and NSA come to mind.
The problem is that much of the so called news has had very little to do with journalism for a very long time, especially at the national broadcast level.
This is something that far too many do not yet realize. The exponential growth of quasi-legal regulations by bureaucrats and government agencies have created a labyrinth of 'laws' that is nearly impossible for the normal citizen to navigate. Even lawyers can not manage all of it themselves and have to break the massive collection into 'areas of expertise' in order to try and keep up with the changes. This plays a big part in the high cost of nearly everything that we do in our economy from health care to utility bills. The cost of excessive regulation is paid for by none other than the consumer by the time it all comes to the 'bottom line'. And because of the cross purposes of so may of these agencies and bureaucracies, by attempting to abide by the regulations one requires you could well be in violation of the regulations of another.
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Politics is Easy; Governing is Hard

David128 Wrote: Jul 09, 2013 8:40 AM
"Let's give Mr. Obama a break in the afterglow of our nation's birthday party. " And why would anyone in their right mind even think that Obama deserves any kind of a break? It is Obama's incompetence that has lead to most of the problem.
"Since when has Obama ever cared about the economy? Or jobs." Indeed, the prime motivation behind Obama and his minions appears to remain the destruction of the economy and the nation.
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There is Hope For America

David128 Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 9:01 AM
There may always be hope but it is getting smaller with every action or inaction by our 'elected' officials. They continue to ignore the founding documents of our nation and the rule of law and instead initiate laws for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining personal power. Until that is changed we will only see matters get worse and hope decline.
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The Court v. The People

David128 Wrote: Jun 30, 2013 8:52 AM
“the Court fails to grasp or accept . . . the basic premise of the initiative process . . . The essence of democracy is that the right to make law rests in the people and flows to the government, not the other way around.” That is something that the people and the states must get changed back to the way in which the founding fathers intended. The federal government must be 'forced' to accept the will of the people and not have the expectation that the people are forced to accept the will of the federal government. That is the basic premise of a totalitarian regime and it is what we have seen building in DC over the past several decades. I believe it is also a big part of the problem with taxes and spending being so out of control. These 'programs' that the government wants to put forth should be up for a vote by the people who are expected to pay for them. If the people decide that they want a program to be initiated and run by the government then they should know what the costs and expectations are PRIOR to its implementation. This can only be accomplished when there is open debate about the program and it's purpose.
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