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I don't know but something about the idea of rats and sinking ships comes to mind.
Lets hope that the people of our own nation start to see the damage that the "Progressive" agenda has been doing and also reverse course.
Why does it not surprise me that such 'bastions of liberal learning' as these would ban this?
Did you not know that medicare was one of the programs that is taking a big hit under Obamacare? People currently on Obamacare should be fighting this Obamanation of healthcare if they want to continue receiving health care at all. Many doctors are already declining to accept more medicare patients because the reduced payment schedules do not even cover their costs. Add to that the number of doctors who have medicare patients who have decided to quit and you have a major problem being experienced by the elderly who rely on social security and medicare.
If it were not for his attempted EXTORTION of the House every time something comes up there would be no 'negotiation' at all.
This is a perfect example of Obama's disdain for the American citizens. The monuments around DC are all open air and have NO reason to be shutdown or barricaded. At most they might close up any access to the inside of the monuments. But the morons in the White-house will purposely go to extremes to find ways to cause the most possible inconvenience and irritate to the citizens so he can attempt to shift the blame for his failure as president off to someone else. Recall that Obama is the one that said NO to any negotiation and it was the Democrat controlled Senate that refused to pass a funding measure (twice) that would have avoided all of this just because they know that they can not get the abomination called Obama(don't)care or the (un)Affordable Care Act through on a straight up vote now that people are starting to find out just how big a disaster it really is.
If they were to give the 'real' numbers maybe people would actually see that debt has nearly 'overwhelmed' the budget already. The only reason the economy is still sputtering on at all is due to all the counterfeit fiat money that is being printed by the FED. The fact remains that the only way off of this cliff is to jump but the administration wants to keep climbing higher before doing so without considering that the landing is only going to be that much harder as a result.
Apparently you have not been keeping up with the news lately. Chaplains being relieved due to their religious belief and not wanting to perform a same sex marriage 'http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2012/05/17/obama-wh-demands-military-chaplains-perform-same-sex-marriages/' and 'http://www.christianpost.com/news/evangelical-chaplains-refuse-to-marry-gay-couples-on-military-bases-57498/'.
Interesting take on a simple statement of facts and logical reasoning especially since there are already cases in the news of exactly this kind of action going on. I also find it interesting that Tolerance is only a one way street where a Christian MUST accept and express approval of moral choices made by the Gay community but a Gay person does now have to Tolerate the moral choices made by the Christian. That seems to be the basic problem in much of this.
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Debtroit: Coming To a City Near You

David128 Wrote: Jul 21, 2013 8:47 AM
A big impediment to that is that the politicians need to keep making those promises to keep getting the uninformed voter to reelect them. The politician will most likely be long gone or in retirement by the time the bills come due anyway. How many of the current crop of politicians in Detroit were there making all the promises that lead to that disaster?
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