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The New York Times Calls (again) for Higher Taxes on Middle-Class Americans

David126 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 9:51 AM
Ezbuddy, it's evident that you don't know squat about economics. If I bust my butt working so I have more money to spend it helps the economy. If you think I should live by your economic standards you sound like someone on welfare. Get educated, get a good job, work hard every day and you can one day buy what ever you want also. I'm not rich. I have worked for everything I have. I don't live on the taxpayers back. So stay out of my economic dreams or get a job so you can be prosperious and be come part of the economy instead of leaching off other people's hard work!

All statists want much bigger government, but not all of them are honest about how to finance a Greek-sized welfare state.

The President, for instance, wants us to believe that the rich are some sort of fiscal pinata, capable of generating endless amounts of tax revenue.

Using IRS tax data, I’ve shown that this is a very inaccurate assumption. And I’ve also used IRS data to show the President that there are big Laffer-Curve effects when you try to rape and pillage high-income Americans.

Heck, even the Europeans have realized that...