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You know what a pathological liar is? It is a guy that believes his own lies! A Person that has Visions of Granduer!!!
Maybe the French government needs to stop supporting the movie industry all together. Let the " stars' salaries come from the proceeds of the ticket sales just like in the USA. Movie actors and all artist should never be supported by tax money. Let them earn their keep just like common people do.
Their right! It was so hot today that my paper airplane would not fly!
Don't forget to add Al Gore to that flight restriction with his PRIVATE large jet.
I don't think he was making a big deal out of Tchaikovsky being gay. He was just trying to make a point about people getting their panties in a wad over a Christmas tree. These parents would rather deny the children some culture rather than expose them to a Christmas tree.
This woman ought to move to a country that forbids their citizens the right to protect them selves. Sure I believe in State Rights, but the framers wrote the Amendments to protect its citizens from denying the citizens of this great nation some basic rights and freedoms.
Rape victims need to be encouraged to report cases of rape and sexual harassment to the local POLICE who can actually do something about it.
Bet if he offered to "Donate" a chunk of his daily profits to this group, the objection to the name of his restaurant would suddenly vanish!
I can understand why a politician might try to say that a raving hatchet wielding "MUSLIM's" attack wasn't any part of terrorism, but for a "Police Officer" that has access to this "Terrorist's" rants to make the same stupid remark is beyond. NYC's police commissioner MUSR be a political position that doesn't require and Police experience.
These guys are freaking IDIOTS. They must be liberal communist democrats to start spouting the race card about these problems.There is nothing raciest about Ebola or terrorism. Americans don't want the spread of either inside our borders. If these three think that Americans are being so unfair, why don't these guys invite some Ebola patients or terrorist to stay at their houses.
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