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Romney Trails Obama, but Key Numbers Break His Way

David1104 Wrote: Apr 12, 2012 10:23 AM
OK, support your points from above, Mr you've been served. "The media still support him but they do not worship him any longer." ??? The media still loves him, and it will only get worse as it gets closer to November, just watch and see. "Many democrats will abandon him." ??? Abandon him for ... Romney? Really? No they won't, and what's worse, Romney can't and won't inspire the Independents to vote for him so, at best, they just don't vote. That's a win for Obama. "Many poor people fear him." ??? No they don't, because most of them get a check from ... Obama, and Wall-Street Romney is going to inspire them to vote for him vs Obama? Really?? I've said it before, Romney+Republican Nomination=Obama Re-election.

Now that Rick Santorum has "suspended" his campaign, we can stop pretending and can say what has been clear for weeks: Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president. The general election campaign has begun.

In some quarters, it is assumed that Barack Obama will be re-elected without too much difficulty. There are reports that staffers at Obama's Chicago headquarters consider Romney's candidacy a joke.

One suspects the adults there take a different view. For the fundamentals say that this will be a seriously contested race, with many outcomes possible. Obama's job-approval numbers in the average of...