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Sorry Mr Barone, you need to quit the mouth-piece-for-Romney bit. We conservatives see the real Mit and aren't buying. Romney can't compete with Obama for the moderate vote because he is the same as Obama, only less believable and less charismatic. RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare so no push there. Obama can hang Wall Street around Romney's neck like an anchor so no push on the Romney for Plumber Joe fornt either. Romney is such a RINO that McCain is a little speck in the rear-view mirror, and McCain could count on the Veteran vote, which Romney can't (see Wall Street again). He will not, can not inspire the conservative base of the Republican party and, while they won't vote for Obama, they just won't vote.
The "Rupublican Establishment" is blind and lost. If McCain, a much more likable and successful RINO politician, can't compete with Machine Obama then Romney has not a chance. History will look back on this Republican primary process and ask, "What the Hell were they thinking?" Of ALL the candidates in the primary, they chose the robotic, charisma-devoid, RomneyCare, Wall-Street financed, RINO that will not win the moderate vote and will not inspire the conservative base to come out to vote for him? The moderates will fall for the silver-tongued Obama again (unispired by Romney), the conservatives will stay at home (uninspired by Romney), and Obama will win in a bigger landslide in 2012 than in 2008.
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Obamacare Will Be Romney's Savior

David1104 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 8:58 AM
"It's often said that Obama will respond to Romney's attacks by saying the mandate was based on Romneycare. Romney will respond, "Well, you did it wrong" and promise to repeal and replace the law. All the voters really need to know is that Romney is against Obamacare. Besides, Romney will have plenty of other lines of attack: the raid on Medicare, the rationing board, the tax hikes, the religious liberty issues, the creation of a vast new entitlement when the existing ones are crushing us with debt, etc." But, Mr Goldberg, RomneyCare has all those things in some form or fashion. Your "logic" on how Romney can explain away the fact that ObamaCare is wrong while RomneyCare is OK isn't logic at all, it's called "rationalization".
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