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Harold, you have to understand Doug's mindset here. You don't avoid places that are liberal strongholds, like Wholw Foods. Instead you go there to put your conservative principles in their faces. I do this when I wear my Navy Seals T-shirt into one of our most liberal book stores and dare anyone to make a derogatory comment or a snide remark. I just stare everyone in the eye with a determined, aggressive look which causes them to shy away. I love the reactions I get because these liberal, progressive pansies shoe their true colors of being spineless, all in what they believed was a safe haven. I imagine they leave bad mouthing me and all conservatives, but they leave with their tails between their legs knowing they are spineless and shaken that they didn't stand tall for progressive values by confronting me.
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Another Great Moment in Local Government

David1104 Wrote: Dec 01, 2013 10:41 AM
Sorry, 2016PaulRyan, government caused the housing bubble crash of 2008 by requiring banks to loan money to people that you and I cold have recognized as never being able to pay their mortgage. Unfortunately this government-caused financial-crisis phenomenon continues to happen because much of the populace of this and many other countries don't understand even basic economic principles. Don't even get me started on government control of the minimum wage.
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