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Another Great Moment in Local Government

David1104 Wrote: Dec 01, 2013 10:41 AM
Sorry, 2016PaulRyan, government caused the housing bubble crash of 2008 by requiring banks to loan money to people that you and I cold have recognized as never being able to pay their mortgage. Unfortunately this government-caused financial-crisis phenomenon continues to happen because much of the populace of this and many other countries don't understand even basic economic principles. Don't even get me started on government control of the minimum wage.
News Flash! New ABC poll of bricks just found that only 45% of bricks didn't know that PP performed abortions, so actually bricks ARE smarter that a majority of the American public.
The ultimate goal of the liberal left is to force health insurance companies out and have one, government run health care system. It is the ultimate in control over a population, because the government would control everyone, from birth to grave, in the most important aspect of freedom, healthcare. All other issues would fall under the pervue of ones health, for instance, remember the Obama administration pushing doctors to ask patients about gun ownership. Under a government run healthcare system everything flows from concern over ones health, from diet and exercise, to dangerous activities and hobbies, right down to the automobile you drive.
Please Hugh, wake up. It's not the message or delivery, it's the pandering and hand-outs. One party wants to teach the poor to "fish" so they can take care of themselves, and the other party hands them a fish every day for the rest of their lives.
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Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns

David1104 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 7:48 AM
2nd Amendment to the US Constitution: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I don't know in what Bizarro world you live but when I read the 2nd Amendment it is pretty clear that our Founders didn't want the government to be able to restrict guns in any way, shape or form. Just because you disagree with this right does not mean you get to remove it from the Bill of Rights.
I laughed so hard at your post I cried. Also, if, in ANY situation, someone with the limited mental intelect such as Whoopi stands to defend me, just shoot me dead on the spot.
"Yes, we have let the Old Fart Republicans shove another Bob Dole, John McCain candidate down our throats, but I'm pretty sure Mitt is not a Marxist or Communist." Are you so sure? Take a long look at RomneyCare and how it so closely mirrors ObamaCare.
OK, support your points from above, Mr you've been served. "The media still support him but they do not worship him any longer." ??? The media still loves him, and it will only get worse as it gets closer to November, just watch and see. "Many democrats will abandon him." ??? Abandon him for ... Romney? Really? No they won't, and what's worse, Romney can't and won't inspire the Independents to vote for him so, at best, they just don't vote. That's a win for Obama. "Many poor people fear him." ??? No they don't, because most of them get a check from ... Obama, and Wall-Street Romney is going to inspire them to vote for him vs Obama? Really?? I've said it before, Romney+Republican Nomination=Obama Re-election.
If Bush, as unpopular as he was, can win re-election, when the national media (except for Fox News) was against him, I ask, Why not Obama? Bush won because the conservative base thought he was conservative (and he is very conservative compared to Romney) and went to the polls in droves to keep him in office. RINO Romney can't inspire the moderate voters to leave Obama and vote Republican, so to expect Him to inspire the conservative base of the Republican party is fantasy. Romney+Republican Nomination = Obama re-election.
Sorry Mr Barone, you need to quit the mouth-piece-for-Romney bit. We conservatives see the real Mit and aren't buying. Romney can't compete with Obama for the moderate vote because he is the same as Obama, only less believable and less charismatic. RomneyCare was the blueprint for ObamaCare so no push there. Obama can hang Wall Street around Romney's neck like an anchor so no push on the Romney for Plumber Joe fornt either. Romney is such a RINO that McCain is a little speck in the rear-view mirror, and McCain could count on the Veteran vote, which Romney can't (see Wall Street again). He will not, can not inspire the conservative base of the Republican party and, while they won't vote for Obama, they just won't vote.
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