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Simple math explains why Pence and the other Republicans support this nonsense. If they don't play the game, the Feds can threaten to cut federal money to Indiana (or any other state). This will create huge tax increases and the state pols are petrified this will doom their careers. In short they do not have the courage to tell the Feds to take their Common Core and shove it. This is the danger states, businesses and individuals should well heed. Once you become addicted to the pusher's product, be it drugs or money, you become their slave.
How do people like Ms Wagner sleep at night? They arte like robotic zombies sent out to try and defend the obvious. She is basically saying that anything and everything ever written or said is open to interpretation. She would have made a good Nazi defending Hitler.
Amazing what a rich father can do for you. Walters has never been very good as a journalist, her real tralents are in being a gossip reporter.
Why am I not surprised, the Clintons are all about whatever is "popular" at the moment. It is all about them. Heaven forbid the people of this nation are foolish enough to elect "the smartest woman in America"
Didn't hear the speech but I suspect; a) Taken out of context or b) He was being sarcastic
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God and Jesus, Politics and Government

David10 Wrote: Mar 30, 2014 8:57 AM
Read the 10 Commandments. If Jesus came to fulfill these laws from God it is obvious that Jesus was not a Socialist.
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The Left's Contraception Deceit

David10 Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 10:34 AM
Looking at that woman's banner makes me wonder; correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it pretty easy to get birth control contraceptives if you really want them?
The key as always is Bill Clinton, does he want his wife to be President? The answer to this is debatable. Bill Clinton has one interest in the world, namely Bill Clinton. Does he; a) want to quit traveling around the world like a rock star? b) quit being on the prowl for pretty young girls? c) cut back on his income? (He has made over $120 million since leaving office. BTW, don't think our current President has not taken notice. Just watch how quick he forgets about hos "redistribution" schemes when he leaves office and he and Michelle become "hoarders". d) have to live with Hillary? Knowing Bill Clinton I doubt he is willing to give up these things. Just watch and see if he starts making "uncharacteristic flubs" on the campaign trail. If he does, you have your answer.
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Republicans and Blacks

David10 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 9:07 AM
Wise words. The Republicans would do well to take heed. The alternative is oblivion.
Love Ann, but McConnell is part of the "weak Republican" brigade. If he is the best we've got, it is over.
Unfortunately Republicans in the chairman positions suffer from wimpy ness . They come up with soggy lukewarm plans (see the Bush Administration's tax reform directive), and then claim "they tried". The GOP is absolutely clueless on how to take on the Democrats and if someone doesn't come out of the Republican wilderness who knows how to take charge in the very near future the Republicans will be joining the Whigs in the dustbin of history.
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