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Lessons from Paris

David10 Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 6:52 PM
Seems like Mr Paul is all over the place on this one. Either he gets better at staking his position and explaining it better or he will continue to be looked at as doing a Neville Chamberlain impression.
#1 "But one might have at least expected that Republicans would not consider tax hikes." Has the writer of this article been paying attention all these years. Republicans have also been very quick to raise taxes. What is not needed is stupid insipid campaign promises but a serious look at the current budget situation and how to put together a long term plan that will put the government Making the pledge to begin with is idiotic and simplistic. What any state (or the Federal Government for that matter) is to look at the expenditures, revamp the tax code and get control of spending. In short stop acting like the day traders on Wall Street and start thinking more on a long term basis.
Simply amazing how incompetent this Administration is. BTW have not heard a peep from The Democratic nominee awaiting coronation Hillary Clinton. Would love to hear pearls of wisdom from "the smartest woman in America."
At least he wasn't crying this time. How the Republicans continue to put a .225 hitter in the cleanup position is beyond any normal person's imagination.
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David10 Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 5:31 PM
John forgot to mention that while the Times calls for more "job protections" the Times themselves keeps laying off more and more employees. I propose a law be passed that the Times is not allowed to layoff, furlough or cut wages or benefits. By passing this law we can help speed along the Time's demise.
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A Year of Anniversaries

David10 Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 5:18 PM
Unfortunately I don't they or we have learned our lesson. Instead what the Politicians have discovered is by buying votes they can enrich themselves and the heck with whatever carnage they leave behind.
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Random Thoughts

David10 Wrote: Jan 01, 2015 4:37 PM
Simply stated Obama can't be a lame duck president with John Boehner around to kiss his ring. Until the Republicans stop putting wimps in charge in Washington, they will continue to lose the war.
I think this one is going to blow up in the Obama's face. In effect she and the President's own tale of woe are insulting people who work at "lowly jobs" such as retail clerks and valets. Their comments are an insult to millions of working class Americans who work at the Targets, the WalMarts, at hotels, waiters and waitresses, cab drivers, etc. Once again the Obama's are showing their elitism. As the Obama's continue to promulgate their fight against income inequality, they need to be asked if they will redistribute their millions to the poor (right now) and agree to only make the median income per capita (approximately $40K) upon leaving the White House? Or will they suddenly forget about their "concern" over income disparity and make $500,000 speeches, sit on corporate boards and operate a tax evasion foundation like the Clinton's? In short will they practice what they preach?
This is what happens when politicians ignorant of economics are allowed to run things. I wonder how much it cost the taxpayers of Vermont to discover the obvious? As a backup plan perhaps the Governor should ask "good citizens" (i.e. liberal businesses in Vermont ) such as Ben & Jerry's to underwrite the cost. It would be entertaining to see these companies concoct lame excuses as to why these "good guy businesses" couldn't undertake this "worthy cause".
Please Joe run, we need the comic relief. Watching Joe and Hillary stumble over each other would be better than any reality TV show the networks could ever come up with.
You said it, for better or worse. Many of us fear it will be for the worse. These two have "George McClellanitis" Boehner and McDonnell's track record seems to point to them surrendering rather quickly. When I was a kid we called it a "loser's limp," a quality they have shown in the past in spades. I would love nothing more than being proven wrong.
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