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Seems to me that she would be a perfect fit for the De Blasio's Administration in New York City.
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Ebola and Obama

David10 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 2:47 PM
As always, dead on commentary by a truly wise man.
Ann is making the mistake of thinking Washington Republicans are smarter then Washington Democrats, Hint: They aren't. Point 2: both sides want illegals here for one major reason, they are hoping and praying the illegals are added "on the books" so they will pay FICA taxes. This way the Ponzi scheme can be kept going a bit longer and they will have time to retire with their big fat pension, and can blame whoever happens to be in office at the time of the implosion. In short they are playing a game of Russian roulette and musical chairs.
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Bill's Wife is an Obama, Not a Clinton

David10 Wrote: Oct 11, 2014 1:56 PM
The old dictum, tell a lie long enough and enough times and it becomes "fact". Bill Clinton NEVER MOVED FROM PROGESSIVE TO CENTRIST DEMOCRAT"! Republicans keep shooting themselves in the foot by perpetuating this nonsense.
This is like saying the tortise outpaced the snail. Not one of Mr. Mitchell's better observations.
No problem. Just get to Mexico and cross the border into the U.S.
There is nothing wrong with private investment in alternative energu sources. The problem is when the "alternative enegy source" cheerleaders demand everyone must follow them and their way is the only A healthy and free market competition and let the best energy source win.
Obama is simply looking to run out the clock. simply looking to make it to the finish line of his 2nd term. At which time he can claim in his memoirs that he "kept his promise" of not starting a ground troop war. Then he and Michelle can set up their tax dodging "charitable foundation" while starting on the real goal of seeing if they can make more money on the speaker circuit then their arch rivals, the Clintons. Sure as day follow night the Obamas like the Clintons, will suddenly forget about that "wealth redistribution thing" and their anti-corporate rhetoric and go for the money. You see when it is liberal Democrats receiving money, they never have "enough".
Bottom line. Has Mr Allen or any of the other "celebrity" anti second amendment proponenets ever been guarded by armed bodyguards? If so, they are hypocrites and that point needs to be made endlessly.
Chalk up another dumb stunt by a student body President once again showing brains and holding office do not go hand in hand.
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