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World Leader Pretend

DaveZ2 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 12:39 PM
I think it's quite entertaining to read the comments of all the readers that seemed to miss a major point of this essay - that naive projection of one's own passionate political world view happens in the young (and drunken) person. Here we have lyrics wholely unrelated to politics - a poetic description of the guarded self - deeply belived to be about Ronald Reagan, nuclear disarmament, star wars, and so forth. Missing that in Mike's column today leaves one with the impression that he actually still believes the song to have been political.
The roar of their engines is supposed to remind the government in Washington that POWs were abandoned in Indochina 40 years ago and that the bikers know the government has been lying about it ever since.
Every year since the mid-1990s and most years, in smaller numbers, since the Wall was dedicated. Is it political? Since the government has betrayed the many POWs that remained behind in South East Asia and continued to lie about it for 41 years, I suppose one could say there just might be a political aspect to it. I love the false choice you offer susielee, "is it political, or do they do this every year?" It's not either/or. It is both, and it is a just cause.
I'll be at the local vet cemetery to watch the flyover & visit fellow vets that I know who are resting there. I'm not sure why you left Clinton, Bush, and Obama off your comment. The MIA travesty has been sustained by 6 administrations. My beef, in my comment above, is that no journalists understand or appreciate the actual meaning of Rolling Thunder. And I stand by my feeling that it's a shame.
It's a shame that all I've heard about "Rolling Thunder" from news outlets this weekend is that the rally is "pro-veteran," with many commentators, including Kevin Glass, here, mentioning the irony of that to the scandal at the VA. BE ADVISED, Rolling Thunder is, and has been from the beginning, a call to attention to the fact that this nation abandoned at least several hundred, and likely more, POWs in South East Asia at the end of the Vietnam War. That this nation continued to obscure, obstruct, and distort the truth of it, even to the point of ruining the lives and reputations of MIA wives, Vietnam veterans, and the few journalists that actually explored the issue. It always galls me to see the POW/MIA flag flying below the Stars and Stripes at the VA. The flag means "You Are Not Forgotten." When any federal agency flies that flag, IT IS A LIE.
A deeper look at the facts, rather than the hyperbole, would indicate that drawing the conclusion that 40 veterans died because they were on the wait list is disengenuous. I saw the physician whistle blower himself trying to draw back that hype during a news interview & the interviewer was refusing to hear it. Doherty, here, claims ". ..those deaths were preventable." The truth is that 40 veterans died while on waiting lists, deaths attributable to a variety of causes. Even if only one died as a direct result, it is one too many, but hype causes people to take actions that end up fixing nothing.
I doubt the main stream media will pick up this story. That would be no surprise. What surprises me is how quickly this seems to have been moved "below the fold," so to speak, here at Townhall.
Hey, maybe he's getting even for his advisors informing him that a large percentage of American women considered him sexy - which they allegedly got from reading "the Onion."
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The Champions of Censorship Win Again

DaveZ2 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 7:18 PM
It is.
Ditto. . .& I'm in my 60's.
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