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Why Hagel?

Dave M Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 1:59 PM
Reality check. Obama is NOT going to appoint anyone qualified for the job because that would mean supporting the armed services. Unless you are willing to prevent Obama from appointing anyone to the post - which would mean McConnell growing a spine and testicles-you are wasting your efforts.

On yesterday's "This Week," Jonathan Karl noted that at present, there is insufficient support among Democrats to confirm Chuck Hagel:

What, perhaps, is most interesting about the nomination is the rationale for it.  Why would the President not pick the superbly qualified Michelle Flounoy, former Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy, who commands bipartisan support and would be the first woman to hold the post? 

Why pick a  man who instead commands bipartisan opposition, on the left because of his comments about gays and elsewhere because...