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Moving Pictures

Dave M Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 6:13 PM
How many people are currently unemployed because the government refuses to deal with the issue and sucks up ever increasing amounts of capital? Not buying the premise of the article. And if you don't know the outcome - of what value is the anecdote?

The other day, the President railed against Congressional (read: Republican) inaction on averting the sequester by giving a speech while surrounded by uniformed policemen. The picture was designed to make the point that if the automatic cuts go into effect, people across the country will lose police protection.

Back when mules were the principal form of transportation, I was a member of the City Council of Marietta, Ohio 45750. One of my committee assignments was as chairman of the Police and Fire Committee.

It came to pass that the city firemen wanted a raise that would put them at more-or-less parity...