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D A M N those typos.
Not that I need convincing but more evidence of sheer malfeasance by liberals. A court actually bothered top do what the Supreme Court Chief Justice refused to do. Actually READ the law and ruled accordingly. The liberals are not depending on judges NOT read the law but just rule thaw way they want to.
Unless you want to be a Boehner , Cantor, or McConnell.
Never take counsel of your fears.
Perhaps so but somehow I missed the part where it was the Lt. Governor ordering out the National Guard.
I've pretty much assumed that apprehension is the intent. But the use of National Guard troops also means you are using raw naked force to enforce your will. I've never been sure people actually recognize the ramifications. I don't remember the details but once before when this was done everyone panicked and retreated when the inevitable happened and Guardsmen had to kill an illegal alien.
Kentucky- I have no use whatsoever for McConnell but he won anyway. To use your own philosophy- so be it. But I expect zero out of him as majority leader-assuming the Reps actually become the majority. Mississippi is a totally different case. The Cochran campaign was perfectly willing to let the enemy decide the outcome of the race and to deliberately andd with malice aforethought paint his opponent and his supporters racists. That is NOT forgivable.
I am perfectly prepared to support Perry-provided he earns it. I don't hold the oops moment against him provided he learned from it. His major plus is that he has very successfully governed a major state. Nevertheless he demonstrated some profound policy weaknesses. I need to know that he understands WHY he was wrong on granting in state tuition to illegals and forcing unneeded vaccinations. I don't really know what he intends to do with those guardsmen. He does not have the authority to do so actually close the border unless he simply takes it and tells the US gov't and the courts to pound sand (a VERY good thing to do and badly needed) However - does everyone understand that to really close the border you are going to have to kill people attempting to cross it?
I like this. Hoisted GW on his own petard.
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How Hamas Blew It

Dave M Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 3:48 PM
"It is vital to the state of Israel to come up with a solution." There IS no solution except defeat for one side or the other to win.
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