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NFL, Goodell Sideline the Concussion Story

Dave M Wrote: 52 mins ago (7:25 PM)
And exactly when did Goodell become a Judge isn a Court of Law? Not that I have much use for him- but I have even less use for fools named Kass who would make an NFL Commissioner responsible for depriving players of a property and income without due process of law.
Democrats don't back Obamacare my derrierre. So they are going to bring up a bill and force Reid to vote a repeal right? They are going to vote to defund right? They have about as much courage as McConnell- right?. Well- this last one is probably true.
"why the Republicans haven't kept the Senate floor knee deep in discharge petitions to highlight just who it is that's obstructing is beyond me" Senate Minority leader is McConnell. 'nuff said.
Only if the Democrats of those states LOSE. They will claim they are for the pipeline but their votes enable those who aren't to do so.
Especially among senior military officials. There must be something wrong with ANY military officer that has anything but contempt for Obama.
Just strikes me as a little strange. I don't see why this poll was taken in the first place. They certainly know that without ground troops this war is already lost- not that anyone will admit it. Regardless- they don't get a choice while they wear the uniform. They go where they are ordered to go and they do what they are ordered to do. I can certainly see why they would be reluctant to fight a war where the US has no intention of winning and will just leave them out on a limb when the inevitable civilian casualties start to pile up. Obama and company does not exactly inspire confidence. I'm mixed myself. I don't want us to go to war without intending to finish what we start. I want us to start conducting our wars so they are decisive. I want us to stop concerning ourselves with enemy civilian casualties. They happen and that is the price THEY pay for letting our enemies get control in the first place. If we are not going to do that then I will agree with the troops here. Best to not go to war at all.
Sorry- Joysey. That looked like I was being snarky with you. Intended to complement your comment.
I prefer to tell them "Good Hunting"
This happens election cycle. Instead of going out there every minute of every day mixing it up with a ground game and explaining on an ongoing basis why they think people are smart and capable enough to solve their own problems the Republican Party comes up with some lame-brained pipe dream that a segment of the population that has never before done so before is suddenly going to wake up and see the light and vote en masse for Republicans. . Not going to happen unless the Republican makes it happen. And with the likes of Rove, Boehner, McConnell and Priebus calling the shots it isn't going to. If the Republicans do take control of the Senate it will be like 2010. the Republican Party-having had had nothing whatsoever to do with making the victory happen-won't have the slightest clue about what to do with it except to pass liberal legislation while trying to call it "Conservative"
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Poll: 42% Expressing Buyer's Remorse?

Dave M Wrote: Sep 26, 2014 11:59 AM
Maybe you should try actually representing those you are canvassing for votes?
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