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Breaking Through The President's "Cocoon."

Dave M Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 2:31 PM
Looks like lots of so-called conservative columnists namesd Hugh Hewitt have just as many bean curds between the ears as Obama. The solution to Ebola is to develop a relatively inexpensive and effective vaccine. And that takes time, money, and lots of scientific talent. Last I heard Infantry battalions are not generally run by or contain Ph.D level geneticists, chemical process engineers, or biologists.
Nice try but no sale. If you think insulting people like Dyadd or Fuzzy2 is the way to get them to the polls you have a lot to learn. You must be an establishment type. 2012 proved in no uncertain terms that a campaign strategy of "Vote for me because I suck slightly less than the Democrat and S T F U the day after" is not a strategy for victory. Getting you party's largest single voting block to the polls is- something Establishment Republicans don't get.
The same people who thought ISIS was "Moderate"
"This provision authorizes assistance “including training, equipment, supplies, and sustainment, to appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition and other appropriately vetted Syrian groups” for the purpose of defeating ISIS (ISIL)" For those who think the Republicans winning the Senate will change anything. As usual the Republican Leadership thinking is every bit as asinine, stupid, and downright ignorant as that of the President.
Anon- I wasn't making an argument for or against their -just making an argument against Kerry's absurd and fuzzy brand of thought. If we are actually going to defeat and destroy them we are going to have to go to war to do it. That means no holds barred and not concerning ourselves in the least how many civilians get killed or how much collateral damage gets done doing it. Conversely- if we are not willing to do that we will be defeated by those that are. Under those circumstances it is best to not get involved. Unfortunately that cedes the initiative to them in picking how to infiltrate and attack us. I perfectly well understand your reluctance but don't get caught up in Kerry style non-thought processes in assuming their are no consequences to your preferred strategy.
Anyone who thinks 160 airstrikes are decisive just because there are 160 of them is a pretty good indication of ignorance. Or as Rush puts it -a "Glittering Jewell Of Colossal Ignorance"
TDisagree- Kerry completely and totally is competent and has all the essential skills to effectively and accurately reflect Obamas thinking. Essential skills to accurately reflect and represent the interests of the US - not so much.
"frankly, lets consider what we have to do to degrade and defeat ISIL." How about this historically proven method of defeating them- Go to war with them so we can defeat them? Jeez- I don't know which is smarter, An ox, a rock, the Hildebeast, or John "Who Served In Vietnam " Kerry "-current money is on the rock and ox.
I see Cameron had his own "Obama" minute when he claims -against 1000 years of history that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" Earth to Cameron- countries that can't properly identify their enemies lose their wars.
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Goodell Has Got to Go

Dave M Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 1:18 PM
r27 Personally I think he belongs in jail but the NFL is neither accuser, prosecutor, court, or jury. At best they can suspend him pending legal disposition. But it is not within their purview to make this kind of judgement. Rice apparently cold-cocked her with reckless disregard for any injury she might sustain- a good case for aggravated assault. Rich makes a good point about her behavior but the law isn't going to allow you to deal with a b i a t c h by by knocking her out cold. However we are getting off track. My argument is that the NFL is a football leaguer and not a court. In taking the action they did they assumed the powers of one. It might be an interesting court case if some player sued them on the basis that the NFL is depriving them of the ability to make a living without due process of law.
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