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": I’m A 'Practicing Reform-Minded Conservative' Named ‘Veto Corleone’" And the evidence for that is...
He wants to "Reform" what people like HIM broke in the first place.
I listened to the interview and heard every democrat talking point I care to hear.
Will you please STOP insulting Lurch. He played his part very well. Unlike John Effing Kerry (Who served in Vietnam)
Which is what their real objection is. Men with no morals despise those who do.
Not when you consider who appointed him and the calibre of men residingcurrently residing in the Senate.
If they don't want to politicize his visit- WHY DID THEY? He wasn't invited to address Republicans- he was invited to address CONGRESS. Last I heard there were sitting Democrat Representatives in that chamber. If the relationship with israel as close as Kerry (Who served in Vietnam) says- why would he NOT an allied Sovereign. What is really happening is that Kerry has stabbed Israel in the back and he expects Netanyahu to just quietly accept it. jfwiw- the recent Democratic attempt to have Netanyahu address them privately is exactly what they are false accusing the Republicans of doing. Fortunately Unlike Republicans- Netanyahu knows and recognizes enemies when he sees one.
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Rubio at CPAC: "I Have a Debt to America"

Dave M Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 2:48 PM
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The Squabble Over Bibi's Speech

Dave M Wrote: Mar 01, 2015 1:34 PM
I'm just irritated by how small- minded these fools are. Netanyahuwas NOT invited to address Republicans- he was invited to address Congress.
You should care- not caring who's a socialist and who isn't caused a lot of people to fool themselves about who and what Obama is.
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