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CPAC 2015: Cruz Builds Case for 2016 Run

Dave M Wrote: 4 hours ago (3:02 PM)
Unfortunately Cruz gave himself an unforced headshot in supporting McConnell's surrender on amnesty.
For once I am not going to bash Boehner. At least for the moment he has done his job. Not his fault he had his legs cut out from under him. I am waiting until see if he has actually learned how to lead in the face of unlawfulness by other branches of the gov't.
Is Guy finally wising up to the fact that McConnell has long since proven himself to be a wussyboy or weasel or both? Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to put a useless moderate nothing burger in as Majority Leader? That he has learned nothing from his tenure in the Senate? That a Republ
Because he doesn't have any problem with Washington dictating your healthcare. He just want HIS cronies to be the ones dictating.
I suspect the executives that hired him THINK like him.
We have discussed it with Keith, who recognizes he was wrong. Exactly HOW does he recognize that he was wrong. Wrong about what? Was he factually incorrect?. Was he just a jerk? Or is he just a typical liberal- a low grade moron who thinks he is the most brilliant person on the planet? Does he have any knowledge at all about what Cancer programs are and how they are funded? If he knows that much about them why is he employed as a sports channel and tweeting about non-sporting events. What really happened was that Olbermann said what he believed, showed himself to be exactly the small -minded little toad he is and is backtracking to save his job.
So -then only Republican states get the REVENUE from the pipeline.
There will only be enough votes to override of the Republican Party goes out and GETS them. That means going to Democrat Senators States and campaigning on how the Democrat is forcing their gas bills higher.
Good. Now Republicans need to campaign in liberal states- esp in the NE about how the DEMOCRATS they voted for are forcing their winter heating oil bills ever higher.
This is the third time this has happened in two days. Posting in one column seems to actually get put on a different one.
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