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The Five 'Reasons' to Re-elect Obama

Dave_Townhall Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 9:15 PM
2) Obama's economic policies did "rescued the economy from falling off a cliff." Countless economist including and Nobel Laureates argue that Obama's bailout saved the economy and prevented the worst recession in US history. The truth is there is no consensus whether or not Obama's bailout worked. Further, TARP was effective at keeping banks solvent without nationalization. If they had remained insolvent it would have been an unprecedented global economic disaster. TARP was carefully constructed to avoid socializing the banks, which would have been the better course of action to create liquidity. But of course conservative propagandist Larry can't argue for that, right Larry?
The case for re-electing President Barack Obama rests on five arguments, the most important of which is that Romney/Ryan represent sexism, racism, homophobia and fascism.

1) Obama "inherited" the worst set of economic conditions since World War II.

False. Based on unemployment, inflation and interest rates, the recession of 1981-82 was worse. Unemployment during the early '80s reached 10.8 percent, inflation 13.5 percent, and prime interest rates reached 21.5 percent. During this so-called "Great Recession," the numbers peaked at 10.2 unemployment, 5.6 percent inflation and 7.25 percent for the prime interest rate.

2) Obama's economic...