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The Me-Me President

Dave8528 Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 2:32 PM
His personality is a lot like the late Lyndon Johnson who literally talked down to people, he would literally confront them physically by standing almost on top of congressmen and Senators to get what he wanted. He actually got his legislation passed as he was a former Senate Majority leader and had a lot more influence then Obama does. Obama likeability rating is something I just can't understand. I never thought he was likeable, but then I totally disagree with his policies and I don't like the way he deals with the Republicans.

During Monday night’s debate nearly 60 million of us got a good look at why Barack Obama has not been able to accomplish anything in four years.

It’s his patronizing, me-me personality.

Did you see how condescending he was toward Mitt Romney, not to mention downright rude at times?

Obama’s more-presidential-than-thou attitude, which he did little to hide or dial back at the debate, should have reminded us of what happened in the first two weeks of his administration.

Remember when he met with congressional leaders and said he wanted to come up with a bipartisan...