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On the Ninth Day, God Made a Liberal

Dave8528 Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 12:15 AM
You have it half right. Yes those things happen because of liberals. But liberals back then would be called conservative now. The Democrats are so far left now. The liberals back in the 60's did stand up for a lot of good things, but the Democratic liberals went so far to the left that the liberals now would be called socialists, but they still like to be called liberals. Times were different when all those bills got passed, and they should of got passed. However liberals now want the government to control everything in our lives including health care. Liberals like Hubert Humphrey would be ashamed of the Democrats now. PS- Social Security was created as an insurance plan, it didn't put millions of elderly out of poverty.

Here is a hilarious (and sad) parody of the wonderful Paul Harvey commentary about farmers, which was part of a popular Super Bowl ad last week.  Enjoy: