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Comparing Republicans to Nazis -- Who Started it?

Dave8528 Wrote: Sep 13, 2012 11:34 AM
Many people seem to think that the Nazi Party was a right wing party, but they are wrong. The Nazi Party was a left wing party who wants private ownership of business, but wanted government to control the economy. Private ownership was the main difference between the Communists and the Nazis. Remember the party's name is the National Socialist party. It's sad how some Democrats use the people who were head of the party or identified with the party too lightly for political purposes.. The Nazi party and it's slaughter of millions of Jews and countless others, was horrific. It need not be taken lightly by either party, and we need to be reminded just how horrible the Nazi party was.
Maybe comparing Republicans to Nazis started with the 1964 Goldwater/Johnson presidential race.

Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater accepted an invitation to visit an American military installation located in Bavaria, Germany. On "CBS Evening News" hosted by Walter Cronkite, correspondent Daniel Schorr said: "It is now clear that Sen. Goldwater's interview with Der Spiegel, with its hard line appealing to right-wing elements in Germany, was only the start of a move to link up with his opposite numbers in Germany." The reaction shot -- when the cameras returned to Cronkite -- showed the "most trusted man in America" gravely shaking...