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The border problem is a Federal issue not a state issue. If Obama had just enforced the immigration laws already in the books, this wouldn't be such a big problem. Obama needs to take care of the crisis he caused and needs to talk with Gov. Perry.
Right, the Catholic Church is going to change its doctrine the please some radical feminists. I don't think so.
I wouldn't call him racist, but he definitely doesn't defend Israel like he should. The only democracy in the Middle East, and he seems to favor the Arab dictatorships. I wouldn't call this racist, I just think he's wrong.
This is one of Obama's worst traits, taking any ceremony and turning it political. Leave it alone will you? There was nothing wrong with immigration until you stopped enforcing the laws already on the books. Now you have kids coming over who are being abused. Now we need reforms because of your incompetence. Obama is a lousy commander in chief, he's lousy on economic affairs, lousy on immigration; and the only thing he's good at, being a father and husband, he's wrong on social issues. I can hardly wait till he's out of office. But we still need to pray for him and for our country despite my disagreement with him on most issues.
Most of the Declaration wasn't signed until August. It's too bad we don't celebrate it then, nothing to do in August except get hot and wait patiently till Fall comes, I'm half serious. Happy 4th to everyone!
Defund them, I don't want my tax dollars supporting them. Let them survive on their own merits which is none, and they'll go out of business eventually. PS- I didn't know that Senator Reid was pro life, at least he has one issue I agree with him on.
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Playing a Name Game with the Redskins

Dave8528 Wrote: Jun 25, 2014 8:51 PM
As usual Dr. Carson is right on the money. This is so trivial, this would be funny if we didn't pay these Senators like Reid to govern this country. This is nothing but a waste of the taxpayers time and money
I agree with you 100%. The fact that baseball is slower paced then football makes it easier for a fan, like me, to understand the strategy and what goes on with each play. Football I like a lot, especially since my home team Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. But baseball will always be my favorite sport
Soccer bores me. Some friends I know really like it and kid me that I should watch it. But 1-0 games don't interest me. Many countries live and die soccer, literally. But there seems to me so little action between the lack of scoring; I just can't understand why so many people outside of this country love it.
Joyous story yesterday, sad story today. If only the president or some high official in this administration would do something. This is a travesty, the husband is an American citizen as well as their children. The wife was imprisoned because of some archaic Muslim law. Let the family go in peace, they rearrested them for no reason and because no high official in this country says or does anything, by all appearances we show approval of this. Remember, silence means approval. I wish Obama would do something right for a change and demand their release.
Also, it would illegal to go to church openly, it would have to go underground like in China. Only government supported religions would be allowed, and only those who support abortion and euthanasia.
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