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Romney Insider: Mitt's Running...

Dave8528 Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 11:58 AM
No, please don't run. You couldn't beat Obama the first time, what makes you think you can beat the Democrat nominee the 2nd time? We need a real conservative candidate, not a pretend one. Could Karl Rove be behind this?
I have no doubt that Obama claims himself to be a Christian and Biden claims himself to be a Catholic. In reality though Obama is a CHINO, Christian in name only, and Biden is a CINO, Catholic in name only. There are many people in this country who do the same thing, they don't follow the doctrines of their churches but claim to be good Catholics or good Christians. Obama and Biden may attend their services or Mass weekly, but they do not practice their religions in their political policies or in their beliefs.
It's so sad, senseless violence and vandalism because of a Grand Jury decision. Why do people such things? Many people are not taught the virtues of forgiveness and love thy neighbor by their parents or guardians. Too much violence on tv also. This country went downhill after the Court ruled no prayer in school.
Immigration reform eventually, let's close the open borders first and build a fence. Immigration reform is not a high priority with the voters right now. Fix the economy and get rid of Obamacare, that's more on people's minds.
I agree. Don't want a moderate Republican running for president, we had another one named Romney, and he lost. We need a real conservative Republican, and not Christie. I like Jindal or Cruz, though I'm leaning toward Jindal because he's a governor; Senators don't make good presidents, look at Obama.
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5 Ways To Improve Meet The Press

Dave8528 Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 12:14 PM
The best way to improve Meet the Press or what I call, Meet the Depressed, is to cancel it.
Yes, Walker would be good, he's won elections in a mostly liberal state. How conservative is he though, I don't know. What is his stance on economic and social issues?
We tried Romney, it didn't work. He's a good man, but he couldn't beat Obama in 2012 when he was ripe for the picking. We need someone who’s more conservative to run in 2016, I like Jindal or Cruz. Not Christie, he's entertaining, but not a true conservative in many respects.
Race relations have gotten worse since a liberal black became president. How sad! He could of brought the community together, but because of his policies, more young blacks are unemployed then ever. He exacerbates the problems between the races, he doesn’t pull people together, he pulls them apart by putting all of us in categories. He's the great divider not the great unifier. Too bad he wasn't a conservative, a black conservative could be a great president.
Great ad, I wish my brother saw that, he would have hated it. I assumed this ad was only shown in Louisiana. It gets to the points of why this president is one of the worst in history. Thank goodness for Obama he's impeachment proof, nobody wants Biden as president.
I have 3 words for Graham, no, no, no! Graham is more of a RINO then McCain is, and we know how badly McCain lost in 2008. The Republicans would surely go down to defeat if Graham ran and won the nomination in 2016. I wish McCain would just retire, he's served the country well and needs to let a younger, more conservative Senator serve Arizona.
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