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Obama's intentions are good, so he's not to blame at all, that's what he thinks. Raising the minimum wage won't help, prices will go up and job growth will come to a standstill and unemployment will increase. He doesn't understand basic economics. As for paying women the same wage for the same work, that's already being done. Women earn less then men in general only because they go in and out of the workforce more. he thinks creating new laws and guidelines will solve all the economic problems in this country. Why is he not concerned about high unemployment rates for blacks? he never mentions that.
Crist will do anything and change his stance on anything to get elected. I guess he does that because he can't get a regular job and is a career politician. I think the voters in Florida will see through that charade and elect Rick Scott. Voters like politicians who stand on their principals and Crist has none.
Unfortunately, your words are irrelevant to me, I live in Washington state. We have no Senate elections this year. And even if we did, a Republican senator has zero chance to get elected in my liberal state. I do hope that others can make a difference and vote Harry Reid out as Senate majority leader.
What a great ending to a sad story. A woman who would rather die then to give up her Christian faith. A woman who gave birth in a jail cell in chains because they wouldn't let her give birth in a hospital. A woman who was freed and then was temporarily stopped from leaving the country. She said her faith kept her going, that God would find a way to set her free, and he did. This should be a lesson to all of us, without faith, you have nothing. What a remarkable woman. God bless her family, may they find happiness in this country.
As a Catholic Christian, we are told to love our neighbor, there is no love here in this article and in a lot of the comments. I condemn all the radical Muslims who kill Christians, and burn down Christian churches. I condemn all those Muslims who try to force Christians to give up their faith or be killed. Many of these Christians are forced out of their homes in Iraq. I think we need to go to war against radical Muslims everywhere. We need to take away the passports of US citizens who are helping ISIS. However, there are many good Muslims in this country and around the world. I have worked with some over the years, and I found them to be good, humble people. I'm a Catholic, I totally disagree with their concept of religion. But we need to not put all Muslims in the same category. We need to be good Christians and not like the radical Muslims. We shouldn't decide that the only good Muslim is a dead one. Thou shalt not kill someone just because he or she is Muslim. We are no better then them if we don't treat each person as an individual and not as a radical Muslim. We need to get rid of ISIS and other radical Muslims all over the world and in this country with all our might. We need to leave the innocent Muslims alone who are hard working citizens, they aren't doing us any harm.
This statement will insure her defeat, that was a stupid thing to say.
I remember watching an old Donna Reed episode recently where they celebrated Christmas by giving to others and had a traditional Christmas song in the background at the end of the episode. Times sure have changed for the worse. Sigh.
I have a frightening thought. If Obama was president in 2001 instead of Bush, what would he have done to combat these terrorists who attacked this country 13 years ago today?
The US is not at war with ISIS? Come on, they're killing Americans and filming it, oh course we're at war with them. If we aren't, what do you Secretary Kerry call it? A grudge match?
I'm Catholic and have many relatives who are Catholics and were all anti big government. Just because you are Protestant doesn't make you small government and if you’re Catholic it makes you big government. You can't put different religious people in categories. We are all individuals.
George W Bush can't be a Knight, he isn't even Catholic, his brother Jeb is a Catholic however. Does it really matter how many Catholics are in Congress? If you don't follow the Catholic faith but call yourself a Catholic, as many in Congress do, it's not a reflection on the faith. Where do you get all these so-called facts? It sounds like you have a lot of animosity against the Church. It doesn't matter that most of the Supreme Court justices are Catholic. Thomas, Alito, and Scalia are all Catholic and vote conservatively. The other Catholic justices tend to vote more liberal. Would it make a difference if they were all Protestant but liberal? It sounds to me that you think all Catholics are in favor of big government whether it be in here or abroad. I'm a Catholic, I have many relatives who are Catholic and none of us are in favor of big government. Don't say that all Catholics are the same politically, you can't do that with any group.
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