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Fuss up! It's your own fault, not the Republicans. That's why this Obama administration drives me nuts, it's not your old Democratic party of Truman. He said the buck stops here. Obama says, the buck never got here and it's because of the Republicans.
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Hail to The Panderer in Chief

Dave8528 Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 3:43 PM
Of all the reasons I dislike about Obama it's his dishonesty I dislike the most. He says things to please the voters, but he does not tell the truth, like on Obamacare and it's many faults. And when he fails it's never his fault it's somebody elses. If he was honest from the beginning, he would never got elected in the first place. And the media doesn't help, their like little minions for the president, they just hang on his every word. But many people are seeing through his lies that's why his approval is under 40%. Let's hope the country can get through the next 3 years.
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Thank you, Hobby Lobby

Dave8528 Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 1:56 PM
Nobody's denying birth control for employees, they just need to pay for it with there own money. Besides, it is an abortificant, and by most Christian faiths, is immoral. Why does this government force a hobby store run by faithful Chriatians to go against their own beliefs. Because it's Obamacare, and it's the law of the land. If the Supreme Court agrees with the government, these owners should not pay the fine. This is just Obama trying to force his morality on us. He's running amok on the Constitution, he's trying to change America for the worse not the better.
Christie is a RINO, we need a real Republican to run for president.
What's the story, Seattle does this all the time. It's not unusual that Seattle elects leftists to fill their Seattle offices. I think they elected a Socialist as mayor in the early part of the 20th century.
We don't pray to Mary or Gods. Mary and the saints only intercede our prayers. We only worship God, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. We are saved not by faith alone but by faith and works. We are only saved if we follow God's commandments and teachings. These are the basic differences between Protestants and Catholics. But all of us Christians have more beliefs in common then in differences. May God bless you.
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The White House Fable Factory

Dave8528 Wrote: Nov 06, 2013 5:44 PM
It's a shame when the president has to have people lie to get something passed. Now he has lie to cover up his lies about Obamacare. It's really sad when you can't trust the president or the media who helps promote his lies. No wonder is approval ratings is now in the 30's. Afterthought, has the media ever done a poll that asks people if they trust the media to tell the truth? I wonder if the media would lie to cover up the results.
I pray for his soul. I actually feel bad for people like that. He has a lot of hatred for people in general and probably for himself. People like that think they are God, and that only people like him should exist. I can't hate him, I just pity him.
It seems simple to me why he lost. The northern part of Virginia is blue because many of these people work for the Federal government, being right next door to DC. They tend to vote heavily liberal. The rest is the state is much more conservative. It's just like my state of Washington. Seattle is heavily liberal, so it doesn't matter what the rest of the state thinks. Close to one third of the Washington voters live in the Seattle Metro area. The rest of the state is much more conservative, which means nothing for statewide races. McAuliffe is a radical leftist, I think the Virginia voters will pay a heavy price for voting him into office; just as Americans are paying the price of electing Obama for 4 more years. Just think of the diaster called Obamacare, it could be gone if we had elected a Republican House and Senate and president. But we didn't and now you can see all the evidence of how bad Obamacare really is.
Maybe not, but there it is. You could have saved Americans a big headache by not passing this terrible healthcare law in the first place. And thanks Supreme Court, for validating an unconstitutional law.
So all a baby is to you is a choice, not a human. What a barbaric thing to say. And want to run a state? You call pro life people extreme, well Mr. McAuliffe, your views are extreme.
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