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The US is not at war with ISIS? Come on, they're killing Americans and filming it, oh course we're at war with them. If we aren't, what do you Secretary Kerry call it? A grudge match?
I'm Catholic and have many relatives who are Catholics and were all anti big government. Just because you are Protestant doesn't make you small government and if you’re Catholic it makes you big government. You can't put different religious people in categories. We are all individuals.
George W Bush can't be a Knight, he isn't even Catholic, his brother Jeb is a Catholic however. Does it really matter how many Catholics are in Congress? If you don't follow the Catholic faith but call yourself a Catholic, as many in Congress do, it's not a reflection on the faith. Where do you get all these so-called facts? It sounds like you have a lot of animosity against the Church. It doesn't matter that most of the Supreme Court justices are Catholic. Thomas, Alito, and Scalia are all Catholic and vote conservatively. The other Catholic justices tend to vote more liberal. Would it make a difference if they were all Protestant but liberal? It sounds to me that you think all Catholics are in favor of big government whether it be in here or abroad. I'm a Catholic, I have many relatives who are Catholic and none of us are in favor of big government. Don't say that all Catholics are the same politically, you can't do that with any group.
I don't expect for him to have a heart and do what is right. I was attempting to be sarcastic.
That's so true. When Catholics know better then to vote for a man who has extreme views on abortion, they should be ashamed of themselves and not receive Communion if they voted for Obama. But that usually doesn't happen, such a pity. I'm Catholic, and I could never vote for a man or women who doesn't believe in the sanctity of life. Now we're paying the price with having an extreme leftist in the White House. All we can do right now is pray for this country.
Obama is an insult to nuns and the Catholic Church. Why these nuns aren't exempt from this part of the monstrosity called Obamacare is beyond my feeble comprehension. Obamacare wasn't needed in the first place, but now this is here to stay, ugh, groups that represent the Catholic social services and networks should be exempt from offering contraceptives from their health care insurance plans. Women can purchase their own contraceptives, it's not expensive. The nuns have better things to accomplish rather then to waste time trying to fight this. Come on Obama, have a heart!
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Why I Wrote 'Jesus on Trial'

Dave8528 Wrote: Sep 09, 2014 11:25 AM
Sounds like an interesting book. He didn't mention what denomination he was, he just mentioned he was a Christian.
This is a just war, we need to fight ISIS with all our might and destroy the power of this terrorist group. As for the mosque that has been linked with some of these terrorists, making pig noises or disrupting their prayers is infantile and accomplishes nothing. Jesus Christ told us to love our neighbor as ourselves. You can show this by having a peaceful protest in front of this mosque; this accomplishes more. Destroying this mosque is against the law and lowers ourselves to the level of these terroists.
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The Latest Legislative Pay Raise

Dave8528 Wrote: Sep 07, 2014 11:44 AM
I have 2 solutions that will never pass in my lifetime but would solve the problem. Since most people in Congress are rich and many are millionaires, why should they get an a salary for serving in Congress? Give them a minimum salary and only give them money to run their staff. Only those with an income under a certain level would receive the current full salary for Congress. The other half is to have term limits. This would help in two ways. One, you wouldn't have people in Congress serving 30 to 50 years; you would open the doors for other people to serve their country and the turnover will give them fresh ideas not the stale ones all the time. We could find solutions to our problems and we would get rid of pork barrel spending. Two, this would slow down overall spending, because they would be more responsible to the people's voting. There would be no guarantee of them winning election every year for 30 years. They would listen to the people more and not just have a Washington DC mind set. The Founders had no intention of people serving their lives in Congress, but that's what it has become. They wanted people to serve for a while, and then go back home to their occupations. This would be more Democratic. Like I said, this won't happen in my lifetime, but it may happen in my grandkids lifetime.
This was a very funny episode. I think Jodi Miller was on America's Got Talent this year as a comedian, I thought she was funny with her own material.
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Why Did We Celebrate Labor Day?

Dave8528 Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 11:18 AM
I thought Labor Day had to do with expectant mothers. I really don't, but Labor Day is so irrelevant in today's job market, that I don't think of it as anything but the last holiday in summer, it's original meaning to me is lost.
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