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The Foreign Policy of the Three Stooges

Dave8528 Wrote: 7 hours ago (9:50 PM)
And unfortunately, they are about as funny as the real Three Stooges.
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10 Things to Know for Today

Dave8528 Wrote: Aug 25, 2014 10:53 AM
A must know is the MTV video awards? I didn't think MTV did anything with music anymore. I could of passed on that information.
This video would be funny if it wasn't so sad. That this liberal reporter knows nothing about the difference of semi automatic guns and automatic guns tells you a lot about the lack of knowledge that liberals have. People are being misinformed if they watch or read only liberal media. This is what's truly sad.
I should of been more specific. I was thinking of a 4 year university, not Community Colleges. These kinds of colleges have no agendas and teach kids the skills they need to learn in the job market. My kids are all close to thirty years old and only one went to college, a community college, and she is the most conservative of the three. Thanks for clarifying this for me.
Most conservatives know that if you send your kid to college, you won't recognize them when they return. With the liberal mush they learn in college, plus the morality that is in some schools, the nice conservative kid you sent to college, is now a liberal. Don't get me wrong, there are conservative colleges, Hillsdale for an example, but most are liberal. Even so called Catholic colleges like Notre Dame, are bastions of liberal thought. There isn't much we can do until the college ideas like tenure is change. All we can do is stay in close to our kids and don't antagonize them, and hopefully after they have been in the real world for awhile, they will learn that liberalism has many wrong ideas.
I agree talk is cheap. If the president had some backbone, he would have the military take some action against these terrorists. Even the Pope, the prince of peace, says military action is needed; but our president is only talk. I hope he has a great round of golf while the world's exploding around him, this is not a good time to take a vacation.
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The Problem With The Right Part 2

Dave8528 Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 12:39 PM
The more the family unit is broken up through divorce and so called gay marriage the more the government becomes our daddy and the more the government has control of our daily lives. That's what the Republicans should be saying. Ignoring the social issues completely is wrong, it's all tied together. I understand his point, but it's how you tie the social issues with the economic ones that will win elections, ignoring them it a losing proposition.
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The Most Pro-American Movie of 2014?

Dave8528 Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 10:21 AM
Sounds like a great movie, I hope it's showing in my home town of Tacoma, Wa. Good actors too. Though I disagree with Meryl Streep's politics, she is a great actress and that won't deter me from seeing this film.
I think why we're upset about Obama taking his vacations, is what he does on them. Golfing is seen as an elitist sport. Bush and Reagan spent their vacations on their ranches. It seems that that the Obama's are either shopping or playing golf. This gives critics a lot of ammo to work with. All presidents deserve vacations, it's what you do on them and what the public perceives you do on them that hurts Obama.
I saw a 2008 video with Obama as a presidential candidate. He said that there wasn't time for presidents to take a vacation because it was a full time job. Obama either must have found the time or he must of lied to the reporter. What do you think?
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