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Catholic Group: "Pray for Paul Ryan's Change of Heart"

Dave8528 Wrote: Aug 19, 2012 10:51 PM
The Catholic Church has given more food, shelter, and help to people then any group or government in the world; they do it because of charity. The Church believes that we should give to people in need, even if we are poor ourselves. The rich should give to to the poor, because we are taught to love our neighbour. The Catholic Church does not force people to give their money to charity, you have to do it of your own free will, otherwise it means nothing. Only the government can force you to give money. This is the liberal mantra, they tax us to death, and then give our money to groups they want to. Our tax dollars are going to pay for abortions and soon for contraceptives, both anathema to Catholic Church beliefs.
escrick Wrote: Aug 20, 2012 4:52 AM
The Government expects me to give taxes to fund wars. I am against war. I still pay taxes. What is yor point?

It’s the ultimate in Catholic double standards: a website called launched this week, calling for Catholics to pray that he abandons his Path to Prosperity budget in favor of something more in line with the Church’s social justice teachings. If you click around, you can also find a page with one sentence requesting prayers for Vice President Joe Biden, noted adamant supporter of the pro-choice cause. (It says nothing of Kathleen Sebelius, whose Mass attendance doesn’t exactly jive with her record of eschewing established Catholic doctrine.)

In condemning Ryan’s budget, the site pulls from the U.S....