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Kaisich can kiss his job goodbye... that's just great, another Democratic Governor next time around... what's wrong with these clownz?
Oh no... here's another one of these "Rhino's" we don't need muking up our line of reasoning: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/11/12/ryan-says-obama-won-fair-and-square-describes-loss-as-foreign-experience/ Just a shame when someone we thought we trusted turns out to be the enemy.... THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS!!! LOL
He is an IDIOT not a patriot... god bless him for pissing away millions of taxpayer dollars in the name of.... HIMSELF!! He freakin lost the election and wont stand down... no wonder they kicked him in the backside in the military on the way out the door.
Some people will write anything for a buck. She's trying to move up to Breitbarts news group!! LOL
Is there credibility here after this fiasco??? I can't imagine some of the readers here repeating any of this stuff at the local Lions/Rotary/anything club meeting!! Man, no one would ever talk to you again.
No, John has an actual head... not a recorder hooked up to "TownHalll".... LOL
Better read the real news!!! This is like the "world weekly News"... LOL, you believe the stuff they spew here??? LOL, what rock yields so many crazies???
Well, there you have it... let me write the article for Ms Ginsberg... we can expect something like this: "Black Helicopters driven by Obama operatives fly FLA judge to the back of the courthouse!" - Not suprisingly Alan West LOST his bid for a recount due to some factors way to complex for our readers to understand (like he had no case, and when the county did was entirely appropriate, but we won't put that part in) except that part that it MUST HAVE BEEN FRAUD. Clearly the judge didn't understand the case and TownHall understand he/she was in a hurry to get to the Mosque for afternoon prayers. WE SHOULDNT STAND FOR THIS!!! yada yada yada.... LOL
He can't rejoin, they don't like him cause he was an A-Hole.
Maybe paranoid morons like you should read the whole story as printed by a real news service... maybe one in FLA would work for you? The Judge probably laughed West out of court again today, but of course FLA judges are all in on it too right? I hear they go to Mosque together!! LOL
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