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Schwartz: A Life Lived on the Front Lines of the Culture War

Dave64 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 7:20 AM
"True liberty, Mike explained, is the freedom to discover what God requires and being unhindered in living it out." The BIGGEST load of BS I have ever heard. Just another Social Conservative FREAKED out they no longer have the power of Law to force people to do what they want. True Liberty is being able to choose to accept or reject God, and then live your life according to either choice. It's not being forced to be married, its picking whatever consenting adult you want, and its living YOUR life how YOU see fit, and not for some Magical Mythical Sky Fairy. SoCons just HAVE to force people to live like they want. Thats their definition of "Liberty": MY way or NO way.

Michael Schwartz, a great man who passed this earth on Feb. 3 at age 63, was an anomaly.

An Irish Catholic from the Duffy family, circumstances gave him a last name that suggested a different heritage. He was so smart and good at telling jokes that a lot of people were stunned to find out he wasn’t Jewish.

Mike had a soft heart, but was also a tough guy from South Philly who exulted in Philadelphia’s reputation for having the country’s “worst, most abusive fans.” He reveled in the fact that Eagles enthusiasts had thrown snowballs at Santa Claus....